Details On Exploit That Forced Dark Souls Servers Offline Will Be Revealed Soon

The Dark Souls games somehow became more difficult last month, as a dangerous exploit was discovered in the online functionality of all three games. It had the capability to expose your PC to hackers – take my word for it, you don't want that. The exploit was uncovered by a good samaritan, who then performed a dummy version of the hack to bring it to the attention of FromSoftware and Bandai Namco.

The developer acted quickly, taking down the servers for all three games. The investigation has also been extended to the upcoming Elden Ring as it has an online infrastructure similar to that of the Dark Souls series. The person who discovered the vulnerability kept the details to themselves in order to make sure no one was affected.

However, now that the servers are offline and no one can be harmed, it appears that the person will be revealing the details soon. “FromSoftware has just announced their plan regarding the Dark Souls servers and confirmed the exploit will be fixed in Elden Ring,” they said to VGC. “As such, I am planning to go through with the public disclosure. For now, I don’t know the exact date since I will be quite busy next week, but it will be a few days up to a week before Elden Ring release.”

Dark Souls players are going to have to wait a while till the servers are brought back online, as FromSoftware has said that they will remain offline until after the launch of Elden Ring. "Due to the time required to set up proper testing environments, online services for the Dark Souls Series on PC will not resume until after the release of Elden Ring," Bandai Namco said. "We will continue to do everything we can to bring back these services as soon as possible."

While this may disappoint Dark Souls players, FromSoftware's move is completely understandable. The studio is probably all-hands-on-deck for the February 25 launch of Elden Ring, with perhaps not enough resources available to dedicate to Dark Souls right now. Secondly, the fact that the games share the same online infrastructure means that the devs have received a lot of last-minute work to do in order to fix the vulnerability before launch.

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