Destiny 2: Witch Queen Amasses Over 1 Million Pre-Orders

Bungie has just announced that Destiny 2: The Witch Queen broke a major milestone in terms of pre-orders. Over one million Guardians have pre-ordered the coming expansion, which sees humanity take on the Hive queen of cunning Savathun in her own domain.

Although a million pre-orders are certainly a lot of players, it’s not just Witch Queen that’s drawing Guardians to spend. The recent 30th Anniversary content drop was also bundled with The Witch Queen, which provides players with access to the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon and the Dares of Eternity activity prior to Witch Queen’s arrival. Bungie didn’t provide a breakdown of how many pre-orders were also bundled with the 30th Anniversary Pack and how many were just purchased on their own.

But either way, The Witch Queen is a hotly anticipated expansion. Two of the newest additions to Destiny 2 were just revealed yesterday, including the class-specific Glaives and the new weapon crafting system. Based on the trailer, it seems that weapon crafting will allow Guardians to customize every aspect of their weapon, including barrel, magazine, perks, and masterwork. Glaives, meanwhile, seem to have class-specific abilities that will provide them with their own distinct flavor. Hunter Glaives will shoot chain lightning, for example, while Warlock Glaives will fire healing rounds at allies.

Several new Exotic weapons and armors were showcased in yesterday’s trailer as well alongside a new set of armor ornaments.

Alongside the new will come a refresh of the old. Void 3.0 will revamp the Void subclasses to be more like the Stasis subclasses released in Beyond Light, with each subclass receiving Fragments and Aspects to customize their abilities similar to Stasis. Blue Engrams will be swept under the rug while the Gunsmith will receive a reputation overhaul similar to the Crucible and Vanguard vendors.

We still have a few weeks of surprises left as Bungie details more changes each week in the lead up to Witch Queen. The new expansion arrives on February 22.

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