Destiny 2: Top 10 Charged With Light Mods, Ranked

Destiny 2 has never had more buildcrafting options. With various Exotics, subclass 3.0 conversions, and the addition of Combat Style mods, Guardians have more options than ever to create their perfect build. So long as you're willing to visit Ada-1 daily to fill out your mod collection, Combat Style mods are an integral part of any build.

Charged with Light is one such Combat Style mechanic. Originally released in Season of Dawn, Charged with Light mods have since been expanded, rebalanced, and become an integral part of certain builds. Today, we'll be looking at ten Charged with Light mods that shine over the rest. From constant ability energy to free armor stats, these mods will change the way you look at creating a build in Destiny 2.

This list only includes Combat Style mods tied to Charged with Light exclusively. Mods that interact with Charged with Light through Warmind Cells and Elemental Wells are not included.

10 Striking Light

Defeating a PvE enemy with a melee attack or Sword will spawn an Orb of Power, provided you are also Charged with Light. The Orb only spawns for your allies. It grants the same Super energy as an Orb Siphon mod on your helmet.

The real use for Striking Light is its secondary bonus. While active, you gain 25% damage resistance while sprinting. You don't need to be Charged with Light to gain this damage resistance effect, making this one of the strongest DR sources in Destiny 2. If you're sprinting, chances are you're low on HP and need to find cover. Striking Light makes doing so far safer. But since this mod doesn't work in PvP (thankfully) and requires you to activate its Arc set bonus, we couldn't rank it any higher on this list.

9 Stack Mods

We're going to cheat and include three mods in this entry: Charged Up, Supercharged, and Stacks on Stacks. Charged Up increases your maximum Charged with Light stacks, Supercharged does so by two stacks, and Stacks on Stacks causes you to gain twice as many Charged with Light stacks.

Each mod enhances your Charged with Light build in some form, either enhancing your uptime or the strength of certain mods. We'll give some examples:

  • Charged Up:
    Helps maintain Surprise Attack, and it lets you trigger effects like Firepower more often.

  • Supercharged:
    Essential if you plan on using Energy Converter or Extra Reserves.

  • Stacks on Stacks:
    With the right charge-generating mods, you can have High-Energy Fire always active.

8 Firepower

While Charged with Light, throwing a grenade will refund 15% grenade energy for the cost of one Charged with Light stack. As with most Solar Charged with Light mods, you can use multiple Firepower mods to increase the energy returned on a grenade throw, up to 60%. Multiple copies of Firepower do not increase the number of stacks consumed.

Builds that focus on using grenades can get a ton of use out of Firepower. If you can consistently get Charged with Light stacks, you can significantly reduce your grenade cooldowns. It synergizes with Elemental Well mods as well. Spawn an Elemental Well with your grenade, grab it to become Charged with Light, then throw even more grenades. If your build needs a bit more grenade energy to work, give Firepower a try.

7 Lucent Blade

Just about every PvE build using a Sword for DPS should have Lucent Blade equipped. While Charged with Light, hitting an enemy with a Sword grants the Keening buff for five seconds. While active, this buff increases your Sword damage by 35%. It does not stack with other damage buffs (excluding Font of Might), but it does stack with weapon perks like Vorpal Weapon.

That damage buff is enough to make Lament and certain Legendary Swords a top pick for certain boss encounters—notably Atraks-1 in the Deep Stone Crypt raid—yet it's the mod's set bonus that makes it even better. Weaving Heavy Attacks into your combos becomes much easier to pull off, increasing your DPS even more.

6 Heavy Handed

Heavy Handed is a fantastic mod for melee-focused builds. So long as you're Charged with Light, damaging a target with a charged melee ability will refund half of your melee energy. This does not work with Melee Kickstart, yet it can be used alongside subclass features like Stasis shards or Ember of Searing. Its secondary perk also helps maintain ammo for your Shotguns and Fusion Rifles in PvE, making this a great perk for those who have seven energy to spare.

5 Charge Harvester

Most charge-granting mods require you to land multikills with certain weapons. Charge Harvester is a rare exception, granting an escalating chance of obtaining a Charged with Light stack upon landing kills and assists. This notably works in PvP, making it a great alternative to Taking Charge.

It takes about eight kills on average to gain a Charged with Light stack in PvE, making it a tough mod to recommend in that environment. But for PvP, it tends to proc a little sooner and works with assists. Weapon, ability, and Super kills/assists all contribute to Charge Harvester, making it one of the best sources of Charged with Light inside the Crucible.

4 Surprise Attack

Each Charged with Light stacks grants a 40% damage buff for your next five Sidearm shots. This buff is 35% in PvP, a slight reduction. Missing shots with this buff active will not consume stacks, making this mod a pure benefit for all Sidearm users. Even if you don't use Sidearms, Surprise Attack is so powerful that it's worth experimenting with. Pair this mod with a damage perk, and you have one of the strongest Primary weapons in the game.

3 Stat-Boosting Mods

Similar to our tenth entry, we're going to cheat and include two mods that do virtually the same thing: Powerful Friends and Radiant Light. Powerful Friends grants Charged with Light to allies whenever you become Charged with Light, while Radiant Light makes you Charged with Light upon casting your Super. It's a powerful synergy on its own, yet it's the secondary perks of both mods that make this combo truly incredible.

Powerful Friends grants +20 Mobility, and Radiant Light grants +20 Strength. Two mods grant you the equivalent of 40 stat points, both in PvE and PvP. This makes hitting triple 100 armor builds much easier, and it makes quadruple 100 builds possible. The best part is that since both mods are Arc, equipping both will activate the stat-related secondary perks. If you're making a PvP build, be sure to include these two mods.

2 High-Energy Fire

Becoming Charged with Light causes all of your weapons to gain a 20% damage buff, reduced to 15% in PvP. This buff doesn't stack with other damage buffs, but High-Energy Fire lasts until you kill an enemy. Assuming you became Charged with Light and never landed a kill, you'd have a permanent damage buff. For solo bosses and raids, this buff is incredibly powerful. And for those who frequent the Crucible, a 15% damage buff can drastically reduce the TTK of weapons like 180 Hand Cannons.

1 Taking Charge

Even with the change to Masterwork Orbs in The Witch Queen expansion, Taking Charge is still one of the best ways to become Charged with Light in all activities. So long as you have one Siphon mod on your helmet, double kills with certain weapons will spawn an Orb of Power. In PvP, you can easily become Charged with Light when someone casts their Super. Taking Charge is the ultimate gateway to making Charged with Light builds in all activities. Elemental Charge is a little easier to use in practice, but Taking Charge is the best charge-generating mod if you don't use Elemental Wells.

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