Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen: How To Gild The Unbroken Title

Destiny 2 has introduced gilded titles in Season of the Chosen, letting dedicated Guardians show their dedication towards a certain game mode. Gilding a title changes the text from a purple color to a golden color, also showcasing how many times you’ve gilded that title beside your name. Players can currently gild the Flawless, Unbroken, Dredgen, and Conquerer titles.

Unbroken is a rather easy title to gild for players that went through the trouble of earning Unbroken itself. This title should be a breeze to earn if you’re savvy with a Grenade Launcher and 1v1 duels. Let’s go over everything you’ll need to gild the Unbroken title in Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen.

Earn The Unbroken Title

As with all gilded titles, you must earn the standard title before you can gild it. In this case, you must earn the Unbroken title before you can start gilding it. Gilded Triumphs are not retroactive, so making progress towards them while you’re still chasing the default title is a waste of time.

We have a guide on earning the Unbroken title that you can read here. Earning that title will unlock six additional Triumphs that, if completed this season, will gild the Unbroken title.

To The Victor

To the Victor: Win 60 Crucible matches. Glory playlists contribute more progress.

As demanding as this Triumph sounds, 60 Crucible games is not as much as you might expect. Any Crucible playlist counts for this. Mayhem, Rumble, and Iron Banner are playlists that typically last a few minutes each.

Glory playlist wins will grant more progress, but the use of skill-based matchmaking (SBMM for short) makes winning in that playlist much harder as you reach higher rank divisions. Stick to Rumble or Mayhem to knock this Triumph out in a few days of play.

Watch Them Fall

Watch Them Fall: Defeat 350 Guardians in the Crucible.

Any playlist counts for Watch Them Fall. You’ll find the most success with 6v6 playlists such as Control and Iron Banner. Mayhem is also a good playlist for kills, provided you can chain Supers quickly. The kill requirement is rather high, so consider ignoring this Triumph in the short-term while you focus on other objectives. If you earned Unbroken, there’s a good chance you’re a great Crucible player. Earning 350 kills throughout a season isn’t a tall order if you play PvP regularly.

Unfaltering Glory

Unfaltering Glory: Achieve a 4 Win Streak in a Glory playlist this Season.

Unfaltering Glory requires you to achieve a Win Streak of four in the Glory playlist. Winning a game will increase your Win Streak by one. Losing a game will decrease your current streak by two.

This will boil down to playtime. If you enter the Competitive playlist and lose a match, consider taking a break before going again. Playing with a fireteam is heavily recommended, although the Freelance playlist is also an option for skilled solo players.

Valor Knows Not Defeat

Valor Knows Not Defeat: Achieve a 6 Win Streak in a Valor playlist this Season.

Wins will increase your Win Streak by one in the Valor playlist. Loses only reduce your streak by one in these playlists, so earning a Win Streak of six shouldn’t be as difficult as completing the Unfaltering Glory Triumph.

By far the best playlist for this Triumph is Rumble. Reaching first place will increase your Win Streak by one, but reaching second or third place will keep your Win Streak where it is. You can only lower your Win Streak in Rumble by finishing on the bottom half of the scoreboard. As long as you’re confident in your aim and movement, beating half of a Rumble lobby isn’t asking much. If you have a clan or group of friends, consider playing a Control match with a full fireteam.

Valor Unbound

Valor Unbound: Reset your Valor twice this Season.

Resetting your Valor rank is rather easy, so long as you frequent the Crucible. As with Gambit’s Infamy ranks, you’ll want to focus on the following:

  1. Complete Daily Bounties: Shaxx sells four daily bounties that grant +15 Valor when completed. Turn in every bounty to earn 60 Valor per character daily.
  2. Earn Win Streaks: Win Streaks drastically improve your Valor earnings. At a x5 Win Streak, expect to earn twice as much Valor each game.
  3. Play During Triple Valor Weeks: Whenever Iron Banner is active, Bungie will triple the amount of Valor each Crucible game gives. This is the perfect time to reset your Valor.

If you are interested in rank-up requirements and other tips related to Valor ranks, check out our Crucible Valor and Glory guide.

They Will Know You By Your Collateral

They Will Know You By Your Collateral: Defeat 100 Guardians with Grenade Launchers this Season.

Grenade Launchers are one of the most underrated weapon archetypes for Destiny 2 PvP. They are fantastic for opening up engagements or finishing off a weakened opponent. You can use Heavy Grenade Launchers to get this Triumph finished, but this strategy is rather slow and requires you to obtain Heavy ammo constantly.

Use Fighting Lion or any Special Grenade Launcher to get this done much faster. Truthteller and Salvager’s Salvo are the best Special Grenade Launchers currently for PvP. If you are really struggling to land final blows, use a Bow with Quick Access Sling. Fire an arrow, instantly swap to your Grenade Launcher, then fire to get an easy kill. Any Special Grenade Launcher with Spike or High-Velocity Grenades can also one-shot Guardians on a direct impact.

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