Destiny 2: How To Gild The Flamekeeper Title

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Destiny 2's Solstice event brought with it the Flamekeeper title, a time-sensitive title that requires you to master the new Bonfire Bash activity. Unlike most time-sensitive titles, it's possible to gild the Flamekeeper title once you've obtained it.

Thankfully, there are far fewer Triumphs tied to the gilded title than the Flamekeeper title itself. Four Triumphs are tied to the gilding process, most of which are quite easy to do. This short guide will go over the four Triumphs tied to gilded Flamekeeper and how best to complete them.

From The Ashes

From the Ashes: Upgrade 12 pieces of Candescent armor.

All Solstice armor you obtain can be upgraded by using Silver Ash, a currency tied to the Bonfire Bash activity. Use six Kindling to unlock the best upgrade options for your armor, then use your Silver Ash to reroll the stats on your armor.

Rerolling an armor's stat package counts as an upgrade, meaning you don't need any alternate characters to finish this Triumph. Upgrade your current set, speak with Eva to get duplicate armor pieces, then reroll their stats. Upgrade your Candescent armor 12 times to finish this challenge. Bear in mind that you can't reroll an armor piece multiple times, so make sure you purchase duplicate pieces from Eva Levante.

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Bonfire Dash

Bonfire Dash: Fully stoke the bonfire in the Bonfire Bash activity.

You must deposit 20 Ignition orbs into the Solstice Bonfire to fully stoke it, spawning the final boss early while maximizing your rewards. Splitting your team up will get this done the fastest. Have someone cover the top of the bonfire, one to the bottom-left of the bonfire, and the last person on the bottom-right. This covers every Ignition spawn location. Kill the enemy, throw the orb to the bonfire, and repeat as needed.

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In Candescent

In Candescent: While wearing a full set of fully rekindled Candescent armor, complete dungeons, raids, Master or Grandmaster Nightfalls, or win rounds in Trials of Osiris.

It takes six Kindling to upgrade a piece of armor, and since you can't upgrade your class item, you'll need a total of 24 Kindling to fully upgrade a set of armor. With a fully upgraded set equipped, you'll need to complete endgame content such as raids and Trials.

We recommend farming dungeons, seeing as some of Destiny 2's earlier dungeons are fairly easy to complete. Shattered Throne and Pit of Hersey shouldn't give you much trouble if you're using a 3.0 subclass. Those in a clan can clear an easy raid like Deep Stone Crypt to easily complete this challenge.

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Inextinguishable: Complete the Bonfire Bash activity without dying.

Spec for 100 Resilience, and that should be all you need to stay alive. If you're struggling to survive still, play a Solar subclass and use Healing Grenades alongside any Restoration abilities. The damage resistance coupled with the constant health regeneration will make you virtually unkillable. Beyond that, play from a distance. You only need to clear Bonfire Bash without dying once to finish this Triumph.

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