Destiny 2: How To Earn The Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher

Season of the Chosen introduced quite a few unique weapons to Destiny 2, one of which being Salvager’s Salvo. This Breech-Loaded Grenade Launcher has an identity similar to Loaded Question back from Forsaken, turning defeated enemies into massive explosions.

It is easily one of the best Ritual weapons in Destiny 2 currently. The combination of Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction makes for one of the game’s best PvE weapons for clearing out enemies. As with Adored, players will have to complete a short quest before they can use it. Three ornaments also exist for this weapon for players to chase. Today, we’ll go over how to get both the gun and all three of its respective ornaments.

Complete The Messy Business Quest

Unlike Adored, Salvager’s Salvo has one unified quest that allows players to partake in any activity they see fit without restrictions. Speak to Banshee-44 to obtain the Messy Business quest. There is only one step to this quest. It requires the following:

Pulled Pins And Fragmentation

  • Complete a combination of 120 strike, Crucible, and Gambit matches. Nightfall completions, Crucible wins, and Gambit wins grant more progress.
  • Earn 7,500 points by defeating enemies. Grenade and Grenade Launcher final blows grant significant bonus progress.

Match Completions

The first step, the 120 match completions, can be a combination of any three core activities. Completing 40 of each, 60 matches from just two modes, or 120 of solely one playlist will all complete this quest objective. To get this done quickly, we highly recommend that you play Gambit. Loses grant around 2% progress while wins grant around 5%. Compared to Crucible and Nightfalls, this is the most time-efficient method of getting this objective completed. You can also farm Nightfalls whenever double loot drops are active. Otherwise, stick to Gambit.

Note: If you wish to complete this step by playing strikes, only playlist strikes will give you progress.

Enemies Defeated

Earning 7,500 points sounds rather extreme on paper, but this is a rather easy quest objective in practice. Every kill you land, using a Grenade Launcher or otherwise, will grant progress. Of course, any kill from a Grenade Launcher or grenade will grant significantly more progress.

If you value your sanity (or need to get this done quickly), consider using the following Grenade Launchers to speedrun this objective:

  • Fighting Lion: It deals as much damage as a Special Grenade Launcher, uses Primary ammo, and can be used in every game mode with little issue. Bring this to Gambit matches or Nightfalls to make quick progress.
  • Witherhoard: Witherhoard deals fantastic, persistent AoE damage with each of its shots. It does solid damage against bosses as well.
  • Anarchy: While a pain to obtain, Anarchy is one of the most ammo efficient Heavy weapons in Destiny 2. Two bolts can kill nearly every non-boss enemy in the game, making this a fantastic choice for any PvE mode.
  • Deafening Whisper: Guardians that own Season of the Hunt can farm this weapon from Wrathborn Hunts. It fires Void Thermite Grenades, dealing some fantastic damage to crowds.

Players that don’t have many Grenade Launchers should check out our tier list ranking the ten best Grenade Launchers in Destiny 2. We list how you can obtain each of them. Look for a Grenade Launcher that sounds good to you, farm it, then use that weapon to get this objective done quickly.

Finally, you can also focus on making a grenade-oriented build. Glacier Grenades, when paired with Whisper of Fissures and Shards, make for a fantastic option. Hunters can also use Lucky Rasperry with Arcbolt Grenades. Titans can use Hallowfire Heart and Thermite Grenades. Warlocks can use Voidwalker with Contraverse Hold or any spec with Verity’s Brow. As long as you prioritize obtaining grenade kills whenever possible, this objective shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Circle Back

  • Talk to Banshee-44 to receive Salvager’s Salvo.

For some reason, this is classified as a quest step. Once you complete the match completions and kills, speak to Banshee-44 to obtain your Salvager’s Salvo Grenade Launcher. Once you have the weapon, you can obtain three additional quests to receive unique ornaments for Salvager’s Salvo, one tied to each core activity.

Strike Salvager (Panacea Ornament)

Guardians can obtain the Panacea ornament for Salvager’s Salvo by completing the Vanguard’s Strike Salvager quest. You’ll need to do the following:

Destructive Deployment

  • Land 150 Grenade Launcher final blows.
  • Earn 4,500 points by completing playlist strikes.

Note: Both objectives gain bonus progress for multikills and enemies defeated in Nightfalls.

Grenade Launcher Final Blows

The 150 kill requirement can be massively reduced by playing in a Nightfall. Just booting up a Hero variant will grant much more progress. Use Salvager’s Salvo with Chain Reaction to obtain rapid multikills. It shouldn’t take more than two Hero-difficulty Nightfalls to complete this quest objective.

Strike Completions

A point requirement of 4,500 sounds extreme, but it’s much easier to hit than it sounds. Nightfall completions grant around 10% progress per run. Assuming you obtain plenty of multikills with Grenade Launchers during the mission, you can easily hit 15% progress during a Nightfall—20% if that Nightfall is filled with enemies like Fallen S.A.B.E.R. or The Devil’s Lair. Stick to the Nightfall playlist to quickly get this step finished. Adept and Hero are the best difficulties to farm.

With Weapon In Hand

  • Speak to Zavala to receive the Panacea ornament.

There’s not much to explain here. Talk to Zavala when you’re done with the previous step to receive your new ornament.

Crucible Salvager (Pyretic Ornament)

If you’re interested in obtaining the Pyretic ornament, try to start this quest whenever you have reset your Valor rank. This step requires you to earn Valor ranks, something that’s much easier when you’re still at Guardian or Brave ranks. Speak to Lord Shaxx to receive this quest.

Thrown, Launched, Or Otherwise

  • Gain 6 Valor ranks. Subdivision ranks count.
  • Land 30 Grenade Launcher final blows. Multikills grant additional progress.

Valor Ranks

Subdivision ranks—for example, going from Heroic I to Heroic II—count towards this quest objective. If you just reset your Valor rank, this should be trivial to complete. To speed this up, complete every daily bounty Lord Shaxx has. Every daily bounty grants a small boost to your Valor rank. Win Streaks are also a great way to earn additional Valor.

For a more in-depth look at increasing your Valor, check out our guide covering both Valor and Glory rank-up systems.

Grenade Launcher Final Blows

Breech-Loaded Grenade Launchers are absurd in the Crucible. They allow you to weaponize map geometry, turning sharp 90-degree angles into sightlines for your weapon. You don’t have to be a master of grenade-fu to get all 30 final blows, but it does help to follow these three tips:

  1. Hold the fire button: Don’t tap the fire button. Holding it will allow you to prematurely detonate your grenades mid-flight by releasing the fire button. This makes damaging enemies behind cover much easier.
  2. Use Proximity Grenades: These won’t one-shot unless you have a 20% damage buff, but they make landing grenades much easier. If you’re a pro at landing grenades, use Spike or High-Velocity Grenades instead to one-shot enemies. For most, Proximity Grenades are a better option.
  3. Use a Bow with Quick-Access Sling: Bows technically have a one-round magazine, meaning they always proc the Quick-Access Sling mod after you release an arrow. Fire an arrow at a target, then instantly swap to your Grenade Launcher to land the final blow.

Besides those tips, just be mindful of your positioning. Don’t take engagements at Shotgun distances, and don’t hang in the air with a Grenade Launcher; you’re just asking to get sniped. Isolate the enemy to a 1v1, use your Bow to weaken them, then use your Grenade Launcher to land the final blow. The time-to-kill with this strategy is so low that very few enemies will be able to react.

Don’t forget about Heavy Grenade Launchers. These can give you an easy kill or two in every Crucible match. Just keep an eye out for when Heavy ammo spawns.

To The Tower Crier

  • Speak to Shaxx in the Tower to receive the Pyretic ornament.

Talk to Lord Shaxx to receive your ornament.

Gambit Salvager (Toxicology Ornament)

Earning the Gambit ornament, Toxicology, is a straightforward process. Pick up the Gambit Salvager quest from the Drifter to get started.

Mote-vated Bombing Run

  • Land 100 Grenade Launcher final blows. Multikills grant bonus progress.
  • Bank 350 Motes.

Grenade Launcher Final Blows

Due to the high enemy density in Gambit, consider using Fighting Lion to clear out enemies. It will seldom run out of ammo and deals great damage. Witherhoard and Anarchy are also great options. Stick to your Grenade Launcher for clearing out Gambit waves to get this done quickly. If you’re using a Special Grenade Launcher, use Special Finisher to maintain your ammo reserves.

Bank Motes

There isn’t much advice to give here. You’ll have to bank 350 Motes while playing Gambit. Focus on the final blows portion of this quest first, collecting Motes whenever possible. You should be close to completing this step by the time you reach 100 Grenade Launcher kills. This objective just requires time, nothing more.

Hero’s Welcome

  • Speak to the Drifter to receive the Toxicology ornament.

Talk to the Drifter when you’re done with the previous two quest objectives to receive the ornament.

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