Destiny 2: Hard Light Is Finally Getting Nerfed

Destiny 2’s exotic auto rifle Hard Light is slightly softer now, thanks to a mini update that brought the invincibility of the weapon down to “just overpowered.” Hard Light, which has been around for some time now, could be effectively dethroned as the go-to weapon with this fix.

Previously, Hard Light was almost never picked in spite of its perks, which included no damage drop-off, different elemental damage types, and ricocheting rounds. The reason for this was its screen-shake effect when firing, which was often described as “nauseating.” When the team decided to adjust this, along with the general buff to all auto rifles, Hard Light became too good to ignore, so it quickly climbed to the go-to gun throne – especially in PvP.

However, developer Bungie announced that they’re nerfing it after all. We won’t be going back to “nauseating” effects, but the ricochet bonus for PvP will be brought down to 1.35x damage, whereas for PvE it stays at a stunning 2.0x damage. But a hidden recoil adjustment, which made the weapon even more stable than they intended, will be removed, so it won’t be all that easy to use after all.

Additionally, at long ranges, Hard Light will now suffer an up to 30% damage fall-off, which is still pretty good compared to the usual up to 50% damage fall-off of other auto rifles. All in all, if you’re willing to try something aside from Hard Light, you’ll get your chance (without being punished) once the hotfix goes live.

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