Destiny 2: Expunge – Styx Guide

Destiny 2’s second Expunge mission has been released. Instead of a long jumping puzzle, Expunge: Styx is about non-stop movement and gunplay. This level swarms you with dozens of enemies and deadly traps, making this an excellent mission for completing certain Seasonal Challenges.

Before you delve into the Vex Network, you’ll want to be sure your Guardian is prepared. This level throws dozens of Vex your way, so you’ll want weapons that can clear out hordes of Vex with ease. Warmind Cells, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and any Anti-Barrier weapons are highly recommended for this mission. For the final boss, bring anything except a Sword.

Breach The Nexus

If you’ve played Expunge: Labyrinth, you can skip to the next part of the guide. The path is exactly the same.

The goal of this section is to descend to the bottom of the Vex Network to reach the Expunge mission proper. You’ll spawn at the outskirts of the area. Run towards the green light, then interact with the entryway to open a path forward.

For the next few rooms, you’ll want to travel towards the green light in each room. Be careful when doing so, as each room has walls that’ll collapse on each other occasionally. If you’re in their way, you’ll die.

Eventually, you’ll descend into a hallway illuminated with white light. When you enter the hall, look up and to your right to find the path. Jump up and run through the corridor.

When you reach the end, make a U-turn to your left and continue (don’t enter the middle path). This will lead you to the end of the Nexus.

Outrun The Purge

You’ll enter a room with a long corridor that’s rigged with traps. Mithrax will inform you that the Vex are trying to purge you, causing a data wall to spawn soon afterward. Don’t let the data wall touch you, or you’ll die.

For this part, you just need to reach the portal at the end of the corridor. Be mindful of moving walls throughout this section, as they can easily fling you off the map.

Should the data wall get near you, it’s possible to survive by doing one of two things:

  1. Find a gap in the wall you can hide in.
  2. Block with a Sword.

Reach the end of the corridor, then jump into the portal to enter the actual Expunge mission.

“Brute Force” The Authentication Conflux

Start the encounter by destroying the Vex diamond directly in front of the gravity elevator you came from. This diamond will spawn an Authentication Key. You’ll need to grab the key and escort it to the other end of the arena.

Note: If you have the Codestrider upgrade, you can interact with a green terminal when you arrive. Activating it will create platforms and enable gravity lifts throughout the mission, making certain sections much easier.

Authentication Keys And Datacubes

There are a few things you need to know about these keys:

  • Keys last 10 seconds when first picked up.
  • You can melee with the key, giving you a large boost of momentum.
  • When expired, they’ll spawn at the last Datacube you ran past.

Datacubes are small Vex cubes that dot the level. Running by a Datacube will generate a plate, setting the spawn location of your Authentication Key to that location. Standing in these plates will extend the expiration timer of any held key.

The goal is to deposit these Authentication Keys into deposit stations scattered throughout the level. You’ll find the first one on the other side of the arena. Avoid any laser traps, run through Datacubes to extend your time, and try not to die.

Escorting The Next Key

Destroy the Vex diamond directly in front of the gate you just opened. You’ll need to escort it much further this time. Grab the key and run around the laser walls. If you have high-lift glides or triple jump, it’s possible to hop over the first set of lasers. When your timer gets low, stand on a Datacube plate to add more time.

Note: You can drop these orbs at any time to deal with any Vex hostiles. Should the ball’s timer expire, it’ll respawn at the last Datacube you ran into.

The deposit station is in a spacious room housing a Vex Cyclops. Dunk the key in the station directly in front of the Cyclops. This will remove one of three locks that are housing the final boss. You’ll need to find two more keys.

Obtain New Authentication Keys

Releasing the Vex Cyclops from its cage will require two more Authentication keys, both of which are located in paths branching out of the boss arena.

Authentication Key One

To the left of the Cyclops room houses the first Authentication Key. A few Vex will spawn in an attempt to stop you. Eliminate them, then make your way to the other end of the arena.

Note: If you have the Codestrider upgrade, they’ll be gravity lifts at the far-right of the area you can use to bypass most of this section.

The Authentication Key is being held in a Vex cage, guarded by a Barrier Hobgoblin and a Nexus Guardian—a much tankier Harpy. Defeating the Nexus Guardian will lower the Vex cage, but it’s a good idea to destroy all of the Vex before you grab the key.

Key in hand, double back to the Cyclops arena. Whenever you reach a new Datacube, take a second or two to charge it. Drop the key after you finish charging it to give yourself a few seconds to deal with the numerous Vex that spawn. Dunk the key at the terminal beside the Cyclops to proceed.

Authentication Key Two

Only one lock remains. Run to the right side of the arena, directly across from where the last key was. Be mindful of the Vex lasers that dot the path, as they deal serious damage if they make contact with your character.

Outside the gauntlet of lasers, you’ll find a linear path that leads to the next Authentication Key. Try to avoid the floating red cubes when possible, as they spawn mini Harpies that explode when they hit you. Jump across the platforms to reach the key.

Guarding the key will be two Cyclopses, a Barrier Hobgoblin, a Nexus Guardian, and common rank and file Vex. Focus on destroying the Cyclopses first, then take out the fodder enemies on the central platform. When you’ve killed most of the Vex, eliminate the Barrier Hobgoblin. It’ll be on the lower part of the platform near the key. Destroy the Vex diamond to spawn the Authentication key.

Make a mad dash back to the boss arena you came from. Most of the Datacubes are on the left of the path if you need a charge. Be sure to charge your Authentication Key at one of the Datacube pads before you enter the laser gauntlet. Dunk the key near the Cyclops deposit station to start the final fight.

Destroy Dikast, Oppressive Mind

Dikast is a two-phase boss fight that should be trivial for most Destiny veterans. It rests atop a bottomless pit, so Swords aren’t as viable as one would hope. Rocket Launchers, Shotguns, and Grenade Launchers are fantastic here, especially Grenade Launchers due to Breach and Clear.

Phase One

The first phase will spawn Vex adds at the corners of the arena while Dikast pelts you with Void cannon shots. Stick to cover during this part, and try not to get focused by every enemy in the room. If the adds get out of control, consider using your Super or detonate a Warmind Cell. Damage the Cyclops as much as you can. Once it reaches 50% HP, the second phase begins.

Phase Two

This Cyclops has one lethal trick up its metaphorical sleeve. When it loses 50% of its HP, Dikast will begin to spawn laser grids that connect to various pylons in the room. These lasers deal absurd damage, so avoid them at all costs. The lasers will despawn and reconnect at new pylons as time passes, making your options for cover rather slim.

Fortunately, there’s a way to disable most of them. The elevated platform at one end of the room has a Vex diamond you can break. Spawn the Authentication key. You’ll need to jump to the other side of the room to deposit the key, disabling most of the lasers permanently. There’s a platform floating above the boss you can use to get across safely.

With most of the lasers disabled, give Dikast everything you have—Supers, Heavy weapons, grenades, whatever you have. Be mindful of the few lasers that remain, and take out any Vex that spawn during this phase. Destroy Dikast to finish the mission.

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