Destiny 2: Every Solar Fragment, Ranked From Worst To Best

Destiny 2 overhauled all Solar subclasses in Season of the Haunted, converting each of them to use the Aspects and Fragments system. Players can pick between two Aspects and a varying amount of Fragments to create their own subclass loadout, letting you fine-tune your build to fit your playstyle.

Solar Fragments are incredibly powerful and offer some of the strongest buffs we've seen in this subclass 3.0 system thus far. Constant damage buffs, frequent ignite explosions, and more are possible if you use the right combination of Fragments. This list will go over every Solar 3.0 Fragment available in Destiny 2 and rank them from worst to best. Rankings take the Fragment's efficacy in PvE and PvP into account.

14 Ember Of Tempering

Ember of Tempering: Solar weapon final blows grant you and your allies increased Recovery for a short duration. Stacks 3 times. While Ember of Tempering is active, your weapons have increased airborne effectiveness. -10 Recovery.

Killing an enemy with a Solar weapon will grant a small increase to your Recovery stat and +20 Airborne Effectiveness for the next eight seconds. Defeating multiple targets will cause the Recovery bonus to stack, capping out at three stacks. The Airborne Effectiveness stat does not increase with each Tempering stack.

A boost to Recovery sounds fantastic on paper, yet the eight-second duration of this buff makes it difficult to maintain in PvP. If you can go on a killing spree that allows you to stack Ember of Tempering, you'd be better off using Devour or extending the duration of your restoration effects though Ember of Empyrean. For PvE, it's a quality of life Fragment. Faster health regeneration you don't need to spec for is nice, yet the strength of restoration and Ember of Empyrean make Recovery somewhat obsolete for most Solar 3.0 PvE builds. Only use this if you highly value Airborne Effectiveness.

13 Ember Of Combustion

Ember of Combustion: Final blows with your Solar Super cause targets to ignite. +10 Strength.

Ignite is an absurdly powerful status effect that is difficult to trigger in normal gameplay. Ember of Combustion allows every Super final blow to activate ignite, causing every enemy you kill to explode and deal massive AoE damage. It even increases your Strength stat by one tier.

So why is Ember of Combustion so low on the list? Simply put, most Supers don't need to ignite targets. Blade Barrage, Hammer of Sol, Burning Maul, and even Daybreak have good enough add-clear in their default state. Both Golden Gun variants are the only Supers that greatly benefit from Ember of Combustion, yet the strength of Blade Barrage makes it tough to recommend using those Supers on their own, let alone with this Fragment.

12 Ember Of Singeing

Ember of Singeing: Your class ability recharges faster when you scorch targets.

Upon inflicting scorch on a target, your class ability will recharge about 6x faster for the next three seconds. Abilities with short cooldowns will gain most of their energy back whenever Ember of Singeing activates. Longer cooldown class abilities won't see as much of a benefit from this Fragment.

Hunters get a ton of mileage out of this Fragment, allowing them to use their Dodge significantly more often than normal. Titans can also deploy their Barricades much more often if they spec for Resilience, making this perfect for Heart of Inmost Light builds. Warlocks have fairly lengthy cooldowns, meaning you'll need to trigger this effect multiple times to get much use out of it. It's a solid PvE Fragment for players that want to use their class ability frequently, notably Hunters and Heart of Inmost Light Titans. In PvP, it's tough to recommend since it doesn't come with a stat increase.

11 Ember Of Blistering

Ember of Blistering: Defeating targets with Solar ignitions grants grenade energy.

Similar to Ember of Combustion, Ember of Blistering is in a strange spot. This is objectively a good Fragment, granting about 10% grenade energy for each target you defeat with an ignite—a Solar explosion that occurs when you inflict enoughs scorch stacks on a target. With a well-placed ignite, you can refund your entire grenade.

The issue is that ignites are rather difficult to proc. Grenades are one of the best ways to ignite targets, yet the builds that can reliably inflict ignite this way already have infinite grenade energy—Starfire Protocol and Sunbracers being notable examples. Melee builds need to spam their ability multiple times to see any results. Hunters will have the easiest time using this Fragment, yet their two main ignite sources—Gunpowder Gamble and Caliban's Hand—have issues; Gunpowder Gamble has a set cooldown, and Caliban's Hand is currently bugged. PvP players should skip this Fragment as well, seeing as ignite does far less damage inside the Crucible.

10 Ember Of Searing

Ember of Searing: Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy. +10 Recovery.

Ember of Searing grants about 20% melee energy upon defeating a scorched target—enemies that are actively burning. That's fantastic for melee-focused builds, yet every class has some way to get melee energy back without the use of this Fragment:

  • Hunters:
    Knock 'Em Down and Gambler's Dodge fully refund melee energy.

  • Titan:
    You can pick up your Throwing Hammer.

  • Warlock:
    Heat Rises grants 20% melee energy upon landing a kill while in the air.

The only builds that might need this Fragment are Shoulder Charge builds for Titan and Warlock builds that don't want to use Heat Rising. Shoulder Charge is currently overshadowed by Throwing Hammer, and builds that don't use Heat Rising are typically using Starfire Protocol, a build that doesn't use melee abilities much at all. If you're looking to make a melee build and need more melee energy, Ember of Searing is a great Fragment. With that said, the abundance of melee-generating sources with Solar 3.0 makes this Fragment tough to recommend for most setups.

9 Ember Of Beams

Ember of Beams: Your Solar Super projectiles have stronger target acquisition. +10 Intellect.

Ember of Beams is a solid Fragment you can slot into any build, especially for PvP. Your Super projectiles will home in on targets near your reticle, making it far easier to land direct hits. And since most Supers one-hit kill in PvP when they impact a player, Ember of Beams makes it far easier to go on a killing spree with your Super, plus it gives you an increase to your Intellect stat.

For PvE, Ember of Beams is much less useful and can safely be ignored by Titans and Warlocks. Hunters should seriously consider using this Fragment if they're running Blade Barrage, as this Fragment drastically improves the consistency of that Super. Beyond that niche case, you can safely skip this Fragment in PvE.

8 Ember Of Wonder

Ember of Wonder: Rapidly defeating multiple targets with Solar ignitions generates an Orb of Power. +10 Resilience.

Defeating two or more enemies with an ignite will spawn one Orb of Power, granting about as much energy as a Siphon mod from your helmet. This Fragment has an eight-second cooldown before it can be triggered again.

Spawning more Orbs is always a good thing in any playlist, and Ember of Wonder is no exception. It's easy to use, helps your team out, and it comes with a stat increase to Resilience. Now that Resilience grants damage resistance, that stat increase is enough of a reason to warrant using Ember of Wonder as your third of fourth Fragment in a build.

7 Ember Of Solace

Ember of Solace: Radiant and restoration effects applied to you have increased duration.

Ember of Solace extends the duration of radiant and restoration effects by 50%. The increased duration does not affect Ember of Empyrean and actually gets overridden if Ember of Empyrean procs. All sources of radiant and restoration are affected by this Fragment, even if its source didn't originate from you.

Empyrean is a far stronger Fragment for PvE, yet Solace has some use inside the Crucible. Being able to extend the effects of your Healing Grenade or radiant buff can be incredibly useful in 3v3 playlists, notably Trials of Osiris. Ember of Empyrean might be slightly better in PvP if you're playing a 6v6 mode, although we find the stat reduction from that Fragment makes Solace slightly more appealing in the Crucible. For PvE, use Empyrean instead.

6 Ember Of Char

Ember of Char: Your Solar ignitions spread scorch to affected targets. +10 Discipline.

Whenever you ignite a target, all enemies caught in the blast radius of the explosion will gain 40 scorch stacks, including the target that was ignited. This effect can be boosted by Ember of Ashes, increasing the scorch stacks applied to 60 stacks.

Ember of Char is one of the best ways to kickstart an ignite chain reaction in the game. Ignite a target, cause all nearby enemies to be heavily scorched, then inflict one more source of scorch to cause all of those enemies to explode. If you can get multiple enemies to ignite at once, all the better. In PvE, Ember of Char is incredibly strong if you build into it. For PvP, ignites are much less common and reduce the overall strength of this Fragment, although the Discipline boost might be enough of a reason to use this in your build.

5 Ember Of Eruption

Ember of Eruption: Your Solar ignitions have increased area of effect. +10 Strength.

Ember of Eruption increases the area of effect on your Solar ignites from 8 meters to 12 meters. All sources of ignite are affected by this Fragment. It also increases your Strength stat by one tier.

Ignites serve as one of the best add-clearing options in Destiny 2 currently, so increasing the AoE of your ignites is a no-brainer for most builds. You can pair this with Ember of Char to cover an entire room in scorch stacks after the ignite triggers, leading to many Fragment synergies. This Fragment should also stack with the Solar Fulmination Artifact mod once it gets patched; the mod hardly increases ignite damage and makes ignites deal self-damage. Overall, this Fragment is great for making your ignites stronger and should be used by every ignite build.

4 Ember Of Ashes

Ember of Ashes: You apply more scorch stacks to targets.

Ember of Ashes increases the amount of scorch stacks applied to targets, both PvE enemies and Guardians, by 50%. This makes it far easier to ignite enemies with your grenade, melee, or any other source of scorch. Weapons that inflict scorch are also buffed by Ember of Ashes.

Just about every Solar build in Destiny 2 will want this Fragment. It makes it far easier to ignite targets and utilize any ignite-based Fragments you're using in your build. Pair this with Ember of Char to spread an immense amount of Scorch with ease. It's also useful in PvP since it will make your scorch DoT deal slightly more damage to enemy Guardians.

3 Ember Of Benevolence

Ember of Benevolence: Applying restoration, cure, or radiant to allies grants increased grenade, melee, and class ability regeneration for a short duration. -10 Discipline.

By buffing your teammates in any way with Solar 3.0, you'll recharge your abilities much faster for a few seconds. You can chain this effect if you can constantly buff your teammates, allowing you to have your abilities fully charged for most gunfights. It's easy to proc thanks to Ember of Torches, grants a ton of ability energy, and it works in PvE and PvP. If you apply radiant or cure at all in your build, give this Fragment a try. Benevolence's only major weakness is its inability to trigger in solo content.

2 Ember Of Empyrean

Ember of Empyrean: Solar weapon or ability final blows extend the duration of your restoration and radiant effects applied to you. -10 Resilience.

Defeating a target with a Solar weapon or ability will extend the duration of any active restoration or radiant effects by around three seconds. When both buffs have a timer of 12 seconds, additional kills will not grant any additional time. Empyrean does not grant radiant and restoration on its own.

With how easy it is to defeat a group of enemies in PvE activities, you can hypothetically keep your radiant and restoration buffs active for minutes at a time with this Fragment, making it much stronger than Ember of Solace for most PvE builds. Pair this Fragment with Classy Restoration, and you'll become virtually unkillable for most activities.

Empyrean can be used in 6v6 playlists inside the Crucible to great effect, acting as a sort of Devour buff. For 3v3 modes, Ember of Solace is more consistent and recommended for those types of playlists.

1 Ember Of Torches

Ember of Torches: Powered melee attacks against combatants make you and nearby allies radiant.

Have you ever wanted to give your entire team Weapons of Light by using your melee ability? If so, Ember of Torches is for you. This is one of the strongest Fragments in Destiny 2, not just for Solar specifically. Whenever you land a powered melee hit on an enemy, you and allies near you gain the radiant buff, increasing your damage by 25% in PvE and 10% in PvP for the next ten seconds.

This should go without saying, but giving a damage buff on-par with a Super for the cost of your melee is S-tier in PvE. Every PvE Solar build should be running this Fragment. Hunters get extra use out of this Fragment since they can trigger Knock 'Em Down with every melee kill.

Despite the use of "combatant" in the description, Ember of Torches works in PvP. A 10% damage buff is enough to make Ace of Spades two-tap with Memento Mori, Fighting Lion one-tap on a direct impact, and it makes most weapon's optimal TTK much easier to hit. Just about every player can benefit from this Fragment in PvP.

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