Destiny 2: Every Dreaming City Region Chest Location

The Dreaming City is one of Destiny 2’s best patrol spaces. While the zone looks small on paper, this area contains a plethora of secrets that can rival more recent patrol spaces like Europa.

While not unique to the Dreaming City, region chests help encourage exploring this densely packed zone. Opening these chests will grant a guaranteed sum of Glimmer and Baryon Boughs, which can be useful if you need to purchase items from the Spider or Banshee-44. Some of these chests are a royal pain to get to, which is where this guide comes in. Let’s go over how to obtain all 12 of these golden chests in Destiny 2’s Dreaming City.

Dreaming City

The Dreaming City has 12 region chests for Guardians to find. Four are in Divalian Mists, four are in The Strand, and four are in Rheasilvia.

Divalian Mists #1

Right from spawn, head to the Hive Cryptilith near the center of the Divalian Mists, A cave is right next to it. Enter the cave to find the chest on your left.

Divalian Mists #2

This cave can be found to the right of the Blind Well entrance in the Dilvaian Mists, the entrance facing the shore. Enter the cave to find a chest.

Divalian Mists #3

Follow the eastern cliffside in the Divalian Mists to find this third chest. It can be found resting beside a broken Awoken statue overlooking the pathway to The Strand.

Divalian Mists #4

This chest is resting on the cliffside on the northeast part of the Divalian Mists, just before you enter the path to Rheasilvia. It’s in the corner of the cliffside.

Rheasilvia #1

This chest is tricky to get to. You’ll need to jump up the right cliffside near the entrance of Rheasilvia to reach it.

Start climbing from this point. You’ll eventually reach a point where there won’t be a clear means of going further up (shown below).

You need to jump up to the tree that’s above you. The base of the tree is resting on a sloped incline that you can stand on. Use any mobility Exotics to reach it.

At this point, turn left. You can either jump to the wall of tree leaves to your right to get closer, or you can make a long jump or glide towards the region chest.

If you opt for the latter option, use an Exotic that enhances your movement. A highly mobile Super works as well.

Rheasilvia #2

Jump down from the first bridge in Rheasilvia. Turn around to face a cavern entrance. Once you enter the cavern, follow the left path to find a region chest beside the right wall.

Rheasilvia #3

Just before you reach the northern bridge in Rheasilvia, head slightly east until you get a clear view of an isolated cliff. The eastern portion of this cliff has a region chest hiding behind a tree. Jump over to the tree to open the chest.

Rheasilvia #4

On the eastern portion of Rheasilvia, you will find a small cluster of rock formations protruding from the mist. Jump onto the second one (the same one my Palindrome is facing) to find the region chest. It’s at the top of the rock formation facing east.

The Strand #1

This chest can be found at the northern part of The Strand. This chest is near the northern cliffside and is hidden by a few trees.

You can reach this chest by climbing up the rock formation shown above. Once there, face north towards the trees. Jump over there to find the chest.

The Strand #2

Just under the path to Petra Venj’s camp in The Strand is a cave entrance. The dirt path closest to The Strand’s shore forks in three directions. Take the right path to find this cave. Inside is a region chest.

The Strand #3

From the western entrance to The Strand, take the southern path towards the shore. When you find a geode crack in the cliffside, run inside to find a region chest.

The Strand #4

This chest can be found right behind Petra Venj while she’s at The Strand. Climb up the rock formation behind her to find a region chest facing east.

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