Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Aspects And Fragments Guide

Beyond Light introduces a new subclass to Destiny 2 that is unlike any other. Rather than choosing from top, middle, or bottom tree builds like a traditional subclass, Stasis allows you to customize your subclass using a new system called Aspects and Fragments. Aspects are powerful new abilities that each subclass can equip, while fragments are passive bonuses used to boost your abilities and provide improve synergy.

Aspects are Fragments are earned by completing a series of post-game missions provided by the Exo Stranger in Europa, but be warned these missions take a considerable amount of time and effort to complete. What’s more, you won’t be able to earn your first Aspect until you have completed the Salvation’s Grip exotic quest from The Drifter. If you need help getting your Salvation’s Grip, you can follow our guide.

Unlocking Aspects

Once you’ve obtained Salvation’s Grip, the next step is to complete the Aspects of Control quest from the Exo Stranger. In this quest, you’ll need to travel Europa and find five different Entropic Shards and destroy them using Salvation’s Grip. If you need help finding those shards, we have a guide for that too.

Once you complete Aspect of Control, you’ll be rewarded with your first Fragment. Open your Stasis subclass menu and equip your fragment into one of the two slots on the right side. The first Aspect for each class is:

  • Hunter: Shatterdive – Activate while mid-air to quickly descend and shatter nearby tagets on impact.
  • Warlock: Iceflare Bolts – Shattering a frozen target spawns seekers that track and freeze other nearby targets.
  • Titan: Cryoclasm – Enables a longer and more powerful slide. Sliding into Stasis crystals or frozen targets shatters them and any nearby frozen targets.

Unlocking Fragments

Once your first Aspect is unlocked, The Stranger will offer quests to earn Fragments. Fragments are slotted into Aspects in the bottom section of the Stasis subclass menu and each Aspect has a specific number of Fragments that can be equipped. Statterdive has two, Iceflare Bolts have three, and Cryoclasm has only one. As more Aspects become available it is expected that more Fragment slots will become available as well.

You can claim and complete only two Fragment quests per week. The Stranger will allow you to choose between either Vanguard, Gambit, or Crucible activities. You can choose two of the same or two different quests. The requirements will be random but specific to each activity.

I encourage you to choose Gambit, as the completion requirements seem to be the most reasonable of the three. Vanguard quests have caused some players to run into a couple of roadblocks. In particular, getting 90 super kills and ten champion kills can be a real challenge.

For the super kills, your best bet is to run strikes with a group of three and tell your teammates when you’re about to super so that they don’t kill any adds. The Hunter super is probably the hardest one to get kills with because it doesn’t do very much damage. Alternatively, you can enter the Dreaming City strike and just walk over to the Blind Well to farm kills instead. Building a high amount of intellect into your gear will also help you get your super faster. If you can manage to finish one Fragment quest, the Whisper of Bonds fragment charges your super with each frozen kills, which will help you generate super faster to finish the quest.

If you’re struggling with the ten champion kills, you’ll need to run Nightfall: The Ordeal strikes at at least Hero (1220) level. The trick to easy champion kills is to equip an element-less finisher and do finishing move on weakened champions while equipped in the Stasis subclass. For whatever reason, these will count as Stasis kills so long as you don’t use a finisher with a specific element. To be safe, only favorite your default class finisher, which does not have an element type.

Once you have finished these quests you’ll be able to purchase two Fragments from The Stranger. The Fragments currently available are:

By completing two missions each week, you’ll be able to unlock six of these fragments. Don’t sweat it if you’re not sure which ones are best yet, the mods coming from the Season of the Hunt activity will likely have a huge impact on our builds.

I purchased the Whisper of Bonds on my Hunter first because it helped me with make a Super build, which was what I needed at the time. For my second Fragment, I went with Whisper of Shards because it synergizes well with one of my favorite Charged with Light mods, Firepower. Feel free to experiment with Fragments for now while the meta takes shape. Later this season, we’ll have a better idea of the best Fragments for each particular build style.

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