Destiny 2 ARG Puzzle Finally Solved After 2 Years

Two years after it was first added into the game, a Destiny 2 player has finally solved the final portion of the Rasputin ARG puzzle. Two of the three cyphers were discovered when the puzzle was first launched, but the final leg remained a mystery to the Destiny community until now.

Twitter users, Javano and Bachmanetti worked together to solve the puzzle and posted the solution. The duo discovered the answer by online using a diamond icon as clue, and knowing that some sort of weapon was involved. Bachamanetti realized the diamond icon resembled the reticle of the Sleeper Stimunlant, an exotic weapon introduced in Warmwind.

After making this discovery, Bachmanetti headed into Destiny 2 and found a connection between the diamond, the Sleeper Stimulant, and a warning sign located on Mars. Within 5 minutes of making this connection, the puzzle was finally solved and the Destiny  community rejoiced.

Javano shared the back and forth conversation that took place between the two players, providing a timeline for how they went about solving the puzzle. They then jokingly tweeted at Vicarious Visions asking if there were any Warmwind coins left lying around, which were used as a reward for the original puzzles. There weren’t.

This discovery brings back memories of a different long hidden easter egg within another one of Bungie’s games, Halo 3. Back in 2014, a player discovered the game’s final secret 7 years after its release. When you press both joysticks during the loading screen on Christmas Day, you’ll be given a wider angle of the Halo ring, along with the message, “Happy Birthday Lauren!”

Easter eggs have been around almost as long as video games, and it’s always fun to discover secrets that have been hidden in games by the developers themselves. While some might come a bit easier, others, such as the final answer to the Rasputin ARG, and the hidden Halo loading screen message, might take players years to find.

In other Destiny news, the game was recently revamped last year. If you haven’t played it in quite a while, you might be pleasantly surprised by just how much better it has gotten. On top of that, Bungie has hinted that Destiny 3 is in the works and could be out some time in 2021.

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