Destiny 2: A Complete Guide To The King’s Fall Raid

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Destiny 2's Season of the Plunder brought back one of the community's most beloved raids: King's Fall. The raid where we fight the Taken King himself, King's Fall is one of the franchise's most involved and lengthy raids, including mechanics that are more in line with a traditional MMO than a shooter.

Juggling aggro, stealing buffs, and coordinating buff swaps can make King's Fall a challenging raid to get into. Fortunately, that's what this guide is for. We'll go over every encounter, suggest strategies and loadouts, and showcase every hidden chest you can find.

Differences Between Destiny And Destiny 2 King's Fall

If you've never played the original Destiny, feel free to skip to the next section.

General Mechanics

  • While you have the Brand Claimer buff, you may hold the interact key to take an ally's Weaver buff; you don't have to wait for the timer to expire.
  • Only two people need to stand on plates during the final two encounters, from three.
    • Conversely, three Torn players are required to start DPS for Daughters and Oryx, from one.
    • Once a Torn player grabs the Blightguard piece, anyone still standing on plates will get lit on fire until they step off.
    • Inputting an incorrect plate sequence causes all plates to light on fire.
  • Enemy density has been significantly increased across all encounters.
  • Hall Of Souls

    • No Changes


    • You need a pickup to transfer Brand auras. Defeating a Taken Knight near the central plate allows the player to transfer a Brand aura by holding the interact key.
      • Brands no longer transfer to nearby players when their timer runs out.
    • Deathsinger's Power is gained by defeating enemies while affected by a Brand.
    • The Deathsinger's Power requirement to beat the encounter has been increased to ~200-250 stacks.
    • Unstoppable Ogres spawn in the central plate when enough stacks have been deposited.
    • Warpriest

      • Extending the duration of your DPS aura requires your fireteam to defeat a Taken Knight that spawns after you read Glyphs.
        • Functionally, it works the same as swapping buffs in the Totem encounter.
        • Killing enemies no longer extends the duration of Brand of the Initiate.
      • The Warpriest boss is much more resistant to staggers.
      • Golgoroth

        • Only one orb spawns at a time.
        • Hard Mode's Unstable Light mechanic is now baked into the encounter.
        • Cursed Thrall have been replaced with Thrall and Knights.

        ​​Daughters Of Oryx

        • Plate and Torn changes (explained above)

        Oryx, The Taken King

        • Plate and Torn changes (explained above)
        • When Oryx slams a plate, standing on the plate causes a random player to become Torn.
        • Knights spawn atop each plate at the start of a new phase.
        • Oryx's chest cavity can only be damaged after you detonate a Corrupted Light orb (excluding last stand).
        • Oryx's shade encounter has been made significantly harder, featuring a smaller arena and more aggressive shade.

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        Recommended Loadouts


        Spawning Heavy Ammo

        If your team is struggling to maintain Heavy ammo during certain encounters, have one of your fireteam members use the Aeon Exotic gloves. The second Exotic mod, Sect of Insight, spawns Heavy ammo when you finish Blightguard Knights, Wizard minibosses, and Champions.

        Hunters should use either Nightstalker or Revenant for King's Fall. Nightstalkers can keep their team safe with Trapper's Ambush invisibility and debuff bosses with Shadowshot. The Gyrfalcon's Halberk Exotic allows you to turn invisibility into a massive damage buff for a short time, perfect for Warpriests and dealing with Oryx's Ogres. If you're playing on Master or struggling to survive, Revenant with Renewal Grasps is a great choice. Supreme Wellmaker and Font of Might make your Super give a free 25% damage buff for ten seconds, stacking with other damage sources.

        Warlocks can't go wrong with Shadebinder or Dawnblade. Shadebinder can lock down adds with Bleak Watcher turrets and Osmiomancy Gloves. If you need to support your team, Dawnblade can give the Radiant buff through Well of Radiance and heal allies. You can also use Starfire Protocol with Witherhoard for a fantastic, consistent DPS loadout that doesn't rely on ammo drops.

        Titans can use either Sunbreaker or Sentinel. Sunbreaker is virtually invincible with Loreley Splendor equipped, allowing you to gain x2 Restoration from deploying your Barricade. Your Throwing Hammer also makes it quite easy to trigger Melee Wellmaker, allowing you to grab a Solar Well to proc Font of Might. If your team needs a damage buff or survivability, play Sentinel. Ward of Dawn and Void Overshields can be incredibly useful for new raiders.

        ThoughtlessDivinityRocket Launchers
        Izanagi's BurdenTrinity GhoulLinear Fusion Rifles
        ArbalestSalvager's Salvo
        • Thoughtless is a powerful Stasis Sniper Rifle that can roll with Overflow and Focused Fury, making it one of the best DPS Snipers in the game—especially if you run Stasis.
        • Izanagi's Burden hits hard and is great for shutting down Wizards and Ogres.
        • Arbalest is a great choice if you're underleveled. It can make short work of Knights, Ogres, and Golgoroth's back weakpoint.
        • Divinity debuffs enemies by 30%, making it much easier to kill Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Oryx.
        • Trinity Ghoul is the best add-clearing Exotic in Destiny 2. Its lightning effect can also trigger the blinding effect of Arc's Spark of Beacons Fragment.
        • Salvager's Salvo is a great add-clearing weapon that doesn't take your Exotic slot.
        • Rocket Launchers deal excellent burst DPS if someone in your fireteam is using Gjallarhorn. Only use them against Warpriest.
          • Wardcliff Coil deals absurd damage versus the Daughters of Oryx, more than it usually does.
        • Linear Fusion Rifles deal far better sustained DPS than rockets and from further ranges. Use them against Oryx and Golgoroth.
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          King's Fall Challenges

          King's Fall has five weekly challenges for players to attempt, all of which should become available a few weeks into the season. All challenges were enabled in the day one version of King's Fall, so we'll give a brief overview of each encounter challenge. Triumph-specific challenges that don't rotate won't be covered here; we'll make a separate guide that covers all King's Fall challenges and strategies in the near future.

          • Totems (The Grass Is Always Greener): You cannot have the same Brand type twice in a row.
            • Swap sides after depositing your Deathsinger's Power stacks.
          • Warpriest (Devious Thievery): After grabbing a Taken Knight's Buff Claimer effect, you have five seconds to swap buffs.
            • Have your whole team move to the next Taken Knight to minimize time moving.
            • Golgoroth (Gaze Amaze): The player with Golgoroth's Gaze must be standing in a Pool of Light upon swapping buffs.
            • Daughters Of Oryx (Under Construction): You cannot stand on the same plate twice in a single phase.
              • Rotate after the Torn player finishes their parkour section.
              • Oryx, The Taken King (Hands Off): You cannot kill the same Ogre or Light-Eater Knight twice throughout the entire encounter.
                • Knights found on plates do not count.
                • Use the delayed runner strategy in our Oryx section, then rotate those on plate duty after each DPS phase.
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                  King's Fall Hidden Chests

                  Guaranteed Deepsight Chest

                  Similar to Vow of the Disciple, King's Fall has a hidden chest that requires you to enter a code sequence throughout the raid. There are nine Hive symbols scattered across the Dreadnaught. You must activate three of them to spawn the chest. You'll find the required symbols under the exit to the opening section. If you played the original Destiny, the symbols are right under the Court of Oryx portal.

                  Record these three symbols somewhere you can reference. Most symbols are located right before or after an encounter. Here's a short description of where to find each symbol:

                  1. Double Dash: Right after the opening encounter, when you reach the swinging pendulums, jump atop the first one and turn around. The symbol will be glowing right under the platform you jumped from.
                  2. Spider: Reach the first hidden chest and turn around. The symbol is right above the doorframe.
                  3. Spider (V legs): In the Totems encounter, head to the left totem. Climb atop a nearby piece of cover and look to your left. The symbol is beside the wall on the second floor.
                  4. Jellyfish: In the Warpriest encounter, climb up to the left plate. Look to your right to find it on a wall perpendicular to an open doorframe.
                  5. Triple Dots: At the end of Golgoroth's Maze, turn around at the exit pit to find the symbol.
                  6. X: In the Golgoroth encounter, drop down from the Rally Banner and turn to your left (it's close to where most players did the one-orb strat in D1). The symbol is on the wall.
                  7. Neutral Face: Located to the left of Hidden Chest #3 (found in the thrusting wall jumping puzzle).
                  8. Ice Cream: At the very end of the final jumping puzzle, look up from the doorway that leads to the Daughter's encounter. The symbol is floating on the ceiling.
                  9. U: Enter the Daughters/Oryx arena and turn around. It's floating above the entrance doorway.

                  Hidden Chest #1: Ship Jumping Puzzle

                  From the second docked Hive ship, pay attention to the wall directly across from you. You'll notice a hole in the left-side wall. Take the ship across until you reach a spikey platform just before your ship docks. Jump off the Hive ship onto the platform and follow the narrow path jutting out of the wall. The door will open when players have stood on the last two plates in the jumping puzzle.

                  Hidden Chest #2: Golgoroth's Maze

                  The maze before the Golgoroth encounter has a hidden chest you can access. There are five plates within the maze you'll need your fireteam to stand on. You'll need to stand on the plates in a certain order to spawn the chest. The order is as follows:

                  1. Bottom Right
                  2. Top Left
                  3. Bottom Left
                  4. Middle Left (reached by climbing up a ceiling)
                  5. Top Right

                  Activating the plates in the right order will spawn a chest near the center of the maze.

                  Hidden Chest #3: Thrusting Wall Puzzle

                  Proceed through the thrusting wall puzzle until you see a group of Taken Vandals. You'll be directly across from them. Pull out your Ghost to reveal a series of hidden platforms. Jump atop the platforms and follow the path, using your Ghost to scan for new platforms when you hit a dead end. Climb up a nearby pillar, then use your Ghost to find another set of platforms. These will eventually lead you to a hole in the wall. Enter this hidden room to find the chest.

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                  Hall Of Souls

                  Encounter Synopsis

                  • Deposit two relics simultaneously to open a portal.
                  • Split your group into two teams, each covering a side.
                    • One carries the relic.
                    • The other two clear out adds and open blocked doorways.

                    Encounter Overview

                    You'll start the raid just outside of the Court of Oryx, a public activity in the original Destiny. Directly in front of you will be two Hive artifacts that look like glowing orbs. Split your group in half and assign one member from each group to grab an orb. They'll both need to escort the Orb to the statues in the hallway preceding the portal and dunk their orbs at roughly the same time. Orbs have a set duration, so both teams will want to coordinate picking up orbs and dunking.

                    Dunking the first orbs will cause them to spawn in the left and right-hand sides of the Dreadnaught. Backtrack to find these divergent paths. Your goal is to either escort the ball to the statues. The other two players in a group should be killing adds that spawn while destroying any Blights that block passageways. The orb will spawn further into your path every time you deposit it, so be sure both teams are moving at a similar pace. Adds and blockers won't spawn until you grab an orb, so coordinate with both teams before you grab anything. Depositing at all six statues will open the portal to a short jumping puzzle and the first encounter.

                    Jumping Puzzle: Tomb Ships

                    You'll find yourself at a Hive docking bay that contains a large tomb ship, Your fireteam will need to jump atop the ship and navigate the massive chasm in the Dreadnaught. Ships despawn after a short time, so you'll be jumping between various ships to make your way across. When your tomb ship starts to have cracks, it's time to bail. Be patient and wait for a Hive ship to appear before jumping.

                    You'll eventually make your way to a second docking bay. Two plates will be next to the docking platform. Have one player stand on each plate to start the tomb ship's flight path. Everyone else will stand atop the ship to reach the other side. Once there, you'll find two more plates to stand on. Once again, have one player stand on each plate to send the ship back. Wait for the players to get on the ship, then step on the plates to regroup your fireteam. Proceed to the gravity lift that launches you to the first encounter.

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                    Encounter Synopsis

                    • Split your team into two groups, one for each side.
                    • Each side grabs a Brand aura to gain Deathsinger's Power from kills.
                    • One player from each group will defeat a Hive Wizard and Taken Knight to gain Brand Claimer, allowing them to take the Brand aura.
                    • Previous Brand beholders will travel to the central plate and deposit their Deathsinger stacks. They'll grab the Brand Claimer buff from a Knight before they leave.
                    • Repeat until 200 stacks have been deposited.
                    • Unstoppable Ogres are present.


                    Brand HoldersDeathsingersBrand Claimers
                    • Kill enemies to gain Deathsinger's Power stacks.
                    • Stand under an Annihilator Totem to prevent a wipe.
                    • Bring your Deathsinger's Power stacks to the central plate.
                    • Weaken tougher enemies for your Weavers to kill.
                    • Defeat the Wizard and subsequent Blightguard that spawn near the middle plate.
                    • Take the Brand Holder's buff before it expires, allowing them to deposit their Deathsinger stacks.

                    Rolls for this encounter aren't static. You'll be switching rolls constantly as the encounter continues.

                    Encounter Overview

                    The goal of this encounter is to convert the life force of your enemies into Deathsinger's Power and deposit 200-250 souls into the central plate, opening the gate to Oryx's Warpriest. You'll do this by defeating enemies while affected by a Brand buff, one located on each side of the arena. No bosses are present for this encounter, so go all-in on add clear.

                    Before you begin, split your raid team into two groups. Each group will cover one side of the arena. Assign each member a starting roll:

                    • Brand Holder: They'll grab the buff on the way to the Annihilator Totem, allowing them to gain Deathsinger's Power stacks by defeating enemies.
                      • Left side gets Brand of the Unraveler.
                      • Right side gets Brand of the Weaver.
                    • Deathsinger: Head to the center of the arena and deposit your Deathsinger's Power stacks. You'll become a Brand Claimer when you're done.
                      • They'll behave functionally like a Brand Claimer for the first rotation.
                      • Brand Claimer: Jump to the Wizard platform near the middle plate and kill them. This will spawn a Blightguard Knight. Kill them to gain a buff that lets you take a Brand buff, letting your Brand Holders deposit their Deathsinger stacks.
                      • Start the encounter by running towards a totem or killing any of the Acolytes near the center plate. Anyone who grabbed a Brand will be standing under the Annihilator Totem on their side, a massive structure that begins to glow if no one is under it. If the totem is left unattended for too long, your fireteam wipes. Anyone that's actively holding a Brand should stand under these totems to prevent the fireteam from wiping.

                        Killing enemies with this buff grants Deathsinger's Power, a buff that is required to break the Hive seals at the center plate. The rest of the fireteam will be working on killing Wizards and Blightguard Taken Knights to gain the Brand Holder buff.

                        Unstoppable Ogres

                        Depositing a large sum of Deathsinger stacks will cause an Unstoppable Ogre to spawn at the center plate. Have Unstoppable counters at the ready to quickly eliminate this Champion.

                        With this aura in hand, head back to your side. Take your ally's aura by holding the interact key near them, then stand under that side's Annihilator Totem. You effectively switch roles at this point. The previous aura user will head to the central plate to deposit their Deathsinger stacks, slowly lifting the Hive curse that's keeping the Warpriest's room inaccessible. The new aura holder will stay under the totem to kill adds and gain more stacks to break the Hive runes. The third player in the group should be working on killing a Blightguard to gain another Brand Holder buff to keep the Deathsinger stacks coming.

                        There's a clear rhythm to this encounter that shouldn't take long to get the hang of. You'll either be building up Deathsinger's Power stacks by killing enemies or doing something at the middle plate. Get a Brand buff, kill as many enemies as possible to gain Deathsinger's Power stacks, have a Brand Claimer take your buff, deposit your stacks, then get a Brand Holder buff of your own to take your aura back.

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                        Encounter Synopsis

                        • Split your team into pairs.
                          • Pairs go left, middle, and right.
                        • Kill adds until Glyph reading starts.
                        • Each pair will stand on plates and look for glowing statues, doing so in a specific order.
                        • The last reader will become buffed with an aura, starting the DPS phase.
                        • To keep the aura active, players will kill Blightguards that spawn during DPS and swap the aura around.
                        • At the end of DPS, you must find a shadow to take cover behind.
                          • Taking cover behind something will destroy it, preventing further use for the rest of the encounter.
                          • Roles

                            Everyone will have the same role in the Warpriest encounter due to how hectic it is, but there are a few key things you'll need to master:

                            • Glyph Reading: Stand on a plate and call out which pillar is glowing. If you can't see any, it's middle.
                            • Brand Swapping: During DPS, look for a Taken Knight miniboss called a Blightguard. Killing them drops a Buff Claimer. Interact with your DPS aura to swap it to yourself, resetting its timer.
                              • You can reset your DPS timer three times per phase.
                            • Add Clear: Killing adds is essential for safe Glyph reading and DPS phases.
                            • Encounter Overview

                              Before you start the encounter, be sure you have a good boss DPS loadout. Warpriest has a massive health pool and tends to move around during the DPS phase. Divinity, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Sniper Rifles are highly recommended.

                              Split your raid team into pairs, dividing them amongst one of three plates. The goal of this encounter is to uncover the order of glowing pillars in the arena. You can stand on the middle plate before starting the encounter to see what the pillars look like. Take note of its white-hot color.

                              Start the encounter by standing on all three plates at once. Adds will begin to spill out from the opposite end of the arena. Keep them at bay with your Primary weapons and abilities. When enough adds have been slain, the Warpriest will initiate a Glyph sequence, denoted by the text, "Glyph reading sequence started." Have one person from each pair get near their plate; don't stand on it just yet.

                              Reading Warpriest Glyphs

                              The middle pair must always start. Have one person from middle stand on their plate and glance at the left and right pillars. Look for the statue that's glowing white (or red if the statues have been destroyed). If you don't see a glowing statue, it's middle. Have the respective side step on their plate. For example, if the middle group sees a glowing pillar to their right, someone from the right side of the arena would step on their plate. If middle gets their pillar lit first, simply step off and on the plate.

                              Once the second side stands on their plate, they'll call out the third side that's glowing. The last person to step on their plate will gain the Brand of the Initiate buff for 20 seconds, allowing you to damage the Warpriest. Allies must be near the Brand wielder to gain this buff.

                              Warpriest DPS

                              Right as someone gains the Brand aura, immediately look for a Taken Knight spawning. It will spawn beside one of the three plates used for viewing Glyphs. Have at least one Guardian book it to the Knight, preferably the fireteam if you're doing the Warpriest challenge or playing on Master. One player will kill the Knight and stay beside the Brand Holder buff it drops. Don't grab it just yet.

                              The person with the Initiate Brand will begin counting down their timer to the fireteam. When this timer reaches three seconds, have someone grab the Brand Holder buff to swap the damage aura, extending your DPS window by another 20 seconds. You can repeat this one additional time by slaying another Taken Knight and using its buff.

                              Everyone else should stand beside the damage aura and lay into the Warpriest. Linear Fusion Rifles, Supers, and a Divinity bubble tear into the Warpriest's health pool. Beware of the boss' tendency to strafe behind pillars. Reposition as needed, keep refreshing the DPS aura, and stay beside a piece of cover.

                              When your Initiate Brand wears out, Warpriest will engulf the arena in a blinding light. If you're caught in the light, you'll drop dead immediately. Take cover behind the shadow of a nearby pillar to avoid taking damage. Whichever piece of cover you use will be destroyed after this, preventing it from being used in future DPS phases. Titan Barricades, Ward of Dawn, and Well of Radiance do not counter this wipe mechanic. Once the wipe mechanic ends, you'll return to your original side and repeat the process.

                              Warpriest HP Threshold Changes

                              • ~80% HP: Cursed Thrall and Adepts (tough Acolyte) will begin to spawn. The Adept enrages nearby Hive when slain.
                              • 50% HP: All Hive are replaced with Taken units, including tougher majors.

                              Golgoroth's Maze

                              Defeating the Warpriest will lead you into a simple maze. You'll need to make it across by following a specific path. Alternatively, you can stand on hidden plates to spawn a hidden chest. It's easier to showcase the maze than give written directions, so use the image above as a reference on where to go.

                              If you prefer written directions, here's where you need to go from the starting location:

                              • North -> East -> North -> West (until you reach a pit) -> North (past both pits)

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                              Encounter Synopsis

                              • Clear out adds before you start fighting Golgoroth.
                              • Destroy ceiling orbs to create Pools of Light, allowing you to damage Golgoroth.
                              • One player will shoot Golgoroth's back to gain Golgoroth's Gaze, causing Golgoroth to face that player for the duration.
                              • Taunters will walk towards the DPS crew to keep GOlgoroth's critical spot exposed.
                              • A second taunter will damage Golgoroth's back to swap the Ogre's aggro.
                              • Repeat this until you've used all six orbs.


                              • Destroy ceiling orbs to create Pools of Restored Life.
                              • Stand within Pools of Life to damage Golgoroth.
                              • Exit the Pool of Life when you are afflicted with Unstable Light.
                              • Damage Golgoroth's back to get its attention.
                              • Destroy Axiom Darts that spawn from Golgoroth's chest.
                              • Position yourself so Golgoroth's chest is always facing your team.
                              • Help break ceiling orbs.

                              Encounter Overview

                              Golgoroth loves to get up close and personal. Rocket and Grenade Launchers are ill-advised. Use Linear Fusion Rifles instead. Taunters should use Arbalest to one-tap Golgoroth's back.

                              Golgoroth is a massive Ogre that has a devastating beam and a strange weakpoint in its stomach. Pay little mind to it for now. Focus on killing all of the adds before you deal with Golgoroth; there doesn't seem to be a timer or penalty for not fighting Golgoroth right away.

                              With the adds taken care of, assign two players to taunt Golgoroth. The other four Guardians will focus on damaging the boss. Start the boss fight by having one taunter damage Golgoroth's back. This will cause the player to gain Golgoroth's Gaze for the next 15 seconds, causing Golgoroth to stare at this player and release Axiom Darts toward them. While you have Golgoroth's Gaze, you'll need to reposition so your team has a clear shot of Golgoroth's chest.

                              Meanwhile, the DPS team will be damaging the orb in the ceiling to create a Pool of Reclaimed Light, a small AoE that grants a massive damage bonus against Golgoroth. Players will run towards the pool, pop support Supers like Well of Radiance, and unload everything they have into Golgoroth's weak point. Since the Ogre's aggro is currently taken, there's no risk of taking damage from the boss, although adds can ruin your day if you aren't careful. These pools expire after a short time—typically when another player taunts Golgoroth—so be on the lookout for other ceiling orbs to shoot. You typically want to spawn another pool after each gaze swap.

                              Unstable Light

                              A random player in the Pool of Reclaimed Light will gain the Unstable Light debuff, denoted by a loud ringing noise and bright HUD element. If you don't leave the Pool of Restored Life, you'll explode and kill every player near you. You must run outside the pool to prevent this debuff from killing anyone. You can use this debuff to damage Golgoroth, although it doesn't hurt them much.

                              The second taunter should position themselves behind Golgoroth, ready to shoot puss in its back at a moment's notice. Taunt roles need to swap the Golgoroth's Gaze buff by damaging the boss' back before it expires. Swapping buffs will switch their rolls; one Guardian will reposition to help DPS land stomach shots while the other gets a good angle on Golgoroth's back for another taunt transfer. Failure to do so ends the DPS phase early.

                              You have six orbs to work with per damage phase. Once all orbs have been used, Golgoroth will calm down and randomly target players again. Adds will respawn as well. Clear out the adds, stock up on ammo, and draw the Ogre's aggro when you're ready for another damage phase. You have four tries before Golgoroth enrages, same as all other bosses.

                              Encounter Rundown: DPS

                              Once the adds are dealt with, shoot the ceiling orb to create a Pool of Reclaimed Light. Stand inside the pool to damage Golgoroth. Whoever has the boss' attention will run near your group to align Golgoroth's chest with your party.

                              When you enter a Pool of Reclaimed Light, be watchful for the Unstable Light debuff. If you hear a ringing effect or get a white flash on your screen, get away from your team.

                              When Golgoroth's Gaze gets swapped, look at the ceiling for another orb. Destroy it to create another Pool of Reclaimed Light, maximizing your DPS.

                              Once DPS ends, deal with the adds and restock on ammo. You can finish the Hive Wizard at the back of the room with Aeon gloves to spawn Heavy for your fireteam.

                              Encounter Rundown: Taunter

                              Once the adds are dealt with, start the DPS phase by damaging Golgoroth's back, drawing their attention to you. Arbalest one-taps Golgoroth's back.

                              While you have Golgoroth's Gaze, align yourself with your fireteam to keep Golgoroth's weakpoint facing your DPS squad. Destroy any Axiom Darts that the Ogre spawns.

                              While you don't have Golgoroth's Gaze, position yourself to damage Golgoroth's back. Help the DPS team break their orb by damaging it with a few Special or MG rounds. Help your teammate with Golgoroth's Gaze destroy Axiom Darts.

                              Once DPS ends, deal with the adds and restock on ammo.

                              Thrusting Wall Section

                              Defeating Golgoroth will reveal the path towards a lengthy parkour section that's filled with traps. You'll need to avoid thrusting pillar traps as you parkour along the Dreadnaught's interior wall. A hidden chest may also be located here, found across the chasm beside some Taken Vandal enemies.

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                              Daughters Of Oryx

                              Encounter Synopsis

                              • Assign a person to each plate. Clear out the Knights atop each plate.
                                • The remaining teammates will fill for whoever gets Torn.
                              • Stand atop of plates that are glowing green to create ethereal platforms.
                              • One player will become Torn. They must use these platforms to get a buff.
                                • This must be done three times, the plates and Torn Guardian changing every time.
                                • The fourth Torn Guardian must remove the shield from the Daughter who's firing at players.
                                • Players position themselves under the Wizard and damage her.
                                • Defeat both Wizards to finish the encounter.
                                • Roles

                                  • Stand atop their assigned plate when it glows.
                                  • Assist any Torn player that uses your plate.
                                  • Clear adds.
                                  • Stand on someone's plate in their stead when they become Torn.
                                  • Stand atop a glowing plate to find a floating orb.
                                  • Call out where the orb is (it's above one of four plates).
                                  • Use the ethereal platforms to reach the orb.

                                  *This role is given to a player at random

                                  Encounter Overview

                                  The Daughters of Oryx encounter is all about clear communication and boss DPS. Before you start, equip a weapon that's good for add clear and another for bossing. Players will also need to have roles assigned. Plates require you to defend one plate out of the four in the arena. Whenever it glows green, it's your job to stand on it and keep your allies safe. Flex players will cover for someone who gets Torn (explained shortly).

                                  When you stand on a glowing plate, two things will happen:

                                  1. A HUD element will highlight a floating Taken orb, located directly above a plate.
                                  2. One random Guardian will become Torn.

                                  Torn Guardians are infused with Taken energy, unable to use their weapons or abilities. They must run towards the glowing plate and look for the Blightguard fragment—a floating orb that looks Taken. Call out which plate the orb is above—either through positional or name callouts—and wait for the player to stand on it. No other players should be standing on plates. If done correctly, ethereal platforms will form from nothing. The Torn player must then jump across these pillars to reach the Blightguard piece, cleansing them of the Torn effect.

                                  This process repeats two more times, each time selecting new plates and Guardians to become Torn. Adds will continue to spawn during this point, so it's important that your raid team has good add-clearing tools at their disposal. If a Torn player was originally holding a plate, have a flex player cover for them. This ensures someone can cover each plate at all times.

                                  Throughout this entire process, Taken Centurions, Hobgoblins, and Vandals will start to flood the arena. Flex players and those not actively standing on plates should do everything in their power to keep the adds under control. Trinity Ghoul, Salvager's Salvo, and Stasis abilities can make short work of these enemies.

                                  You have two minutes to get this done before you wipe. Be swift. The DPS phase will make you immune to the wipe mechanic and reset Dirge's timer when triggered.

                                  Daughters Of Oryx DPS Phase

                                  Killing A Daughter Of Oryx

                                  Once you kill a Daughter, you are required to kill the second Daughter in your next DPS phase. If you fail to do so, your fireteam wipes. Consider leaving the first Daughter at a sliver of HP if your raid team is running low on ammo. The vulnerable Daughter changes with each DPS phase.

                                  After the third Torn player grabs a Blightguard piece, they will gain the Aura of Weaving buff for 30 seconds, allowing you to steal the aura from one of Oryx's Daughters. You must rend the shield of the Daughter who's actively attacking you. This will start the DPS phase. Get everyone near a good vantage point and pop your Supers. The ledges under the Wizards are a good spot if you've dealt with the Taken adds.

                                  Debuff the Wizard with Divinity or Shadowshot, then rip into her HP with your favorite Linear Fusion Rifle. Wardcliff Coil decimates her HP as well. Stay near the aura to deal optimal damage while resisting all incoming damage; the aura makes you invincible while active. Flinch isn't reduced, however, so we highly recommend that one player deals with the adds during the DPS phase.

                                  Encounter Rundown: Plates

                                  When the encounter begins, make your way to your assigned plate. Unless you are Torn or attempting a challenge, there's no need to swap positions.

                                  If your plate is glowing green, step on it. Look for a floating orb (showcased as a HUD icon) and call out the plate location.

                                  If someone calls your name/plate, step on it. This will create platforms that lead a Torn player to the Blightguard fragment. If your plate catches fire, the callout was incorrect or someone jumped on their plate by mistake.

                                  If you get Torn at any point, have a flex player take your spot. Cover your plate once you're no longer Torn.

                                  When a Daughter has her aura stolen, reposition with the rest of your raid team to start DPS. Return to your original plate once DPS is over.

                                  Encounter Rundown: Flex

                                  When the encounter begins, focus on clearing adds and snipers. Snipers spawn on isolated platforms, and adds spawn near each plate.

                                  When someone gets Torn, cover their plate. Only stand on it if it's glowing green or a callout is made.

                                  If you get Torn, grab the orb like normal. Go back to add clear when you're done.

                                  Encounter Rundown: Torn Runner

                                  When you get Torn, run towards the plate that's glowing green. You'll see a Taken orb floating above a nearby plate. Call out the location/owner of the plate to step on it. This will create platforms you can traverse to reach the orb, purging the Torn effect.

                                  If you're the third Torn player, you'll gain a buff when you grab the orb. Head to the Daughter who's actively attacking your fireteam and hold the interact key. This will start the DPS phase and give your team an immunity aura.

                                  If you're covering a plate and get Torn, ask a Flex player to cover for you.

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                                  Oryx, The Taken King

                                  Encounter Synopsis

                                  • Clear every plate of Taken Knights. Assign someone to each plate.
                                  • Someone will randomly get Taken. Escort them to a lit plate, then guide them to the floating orb they see.
                                    • Repeat this four times.
                                    • Kill Knight Majors that spawn after each orb.
                                  • Defeat the four Ogres that spawn after the first Taken player grabs an orb.
                                    • One Ogre spawns at each plate, rotating counter-clockwise.
                                    • Use your repaired Blightguard to make the Vessel of Oryx vulnerable.
                                    • Stand in Ogre Orbs to prevent Oryx's wipe mechanic, starting the DPS phase.
                                    • Survive the subsequent meteor swarm or shade of Oryx.
                                    • Roles

                                      • Stand atop the plate shortly after Oryx slams it.
                                      • Defeat Light-Eater Ogres and Knights that spawn.
                                      • Assist any Taken player that uses your plate.
                                      • Stand in Ogre Orbs to prevent Oryx's wipe mechanic.
                                      • Clear adds.
                                      • Stand on someone's plate in their stead when they become Taken.
                                      • Ensure Knights don't reach an Ogre's Corrupted Light.
                                      • Stall the Vessel of Oryx when it spawns.
                                      • Stand atop a glowing pillar to find a floating orb.
                                      • Callout where the Blightguard fragment is (it's above one of four plates).
                                      • Use the ethereal platforms to reach the fragment.
                                      • Steal the Vessel of Oryx's aura when fully charged.

                                      *This role is given to a player at random

                                      Encounter Overview

                                      A continuation of the Daughters encounter, Oryx is a tough boss that throws dozens of adds and tough majors your way. Boss DPS is paramount here. Linear Fusion Rifles, Divinity, and Sniper Rifles are invaluable here. Well of Radiance, Golden Gun, and Shadowshot are recommended. If you're playing on Master difficulty, make sure one or two players have an add-clearing weapon equipped

                                      Oryx will appear at the northern end of his court, spawning a wave of Taken enemies at each corner of the arena. Taken Knights will spawn on raised circular plates on the corners of the arena. Clearing out the adds will cause Oryx to move to one of these four plates. He'll slam the plate, causing it to glow. That plate must be stood on by someone.

                                      When the plate is actively contested by a Guardian, one random member of your fireteam will become Torn, unable to use their abilities or weapons. And just like the last encounter, you must run to the glowing plate. A floating piece of the Blightguard—visually similar to a Taken orb—will become visible, located directly above one of the four plates. Call out which plate has an orb. A Guardian will need to stand on the second plate to create a series of ethereal platforms for you to jump across, allowing you to grab the Blightguard fragment. You'll need to complete this a total of three times to start the DPS phase.

                                      While this is happening, Light-Eater Ogres will spawn beside each plate. Killing them will drop a Corrupted Orb, similar in appearance to a Taken Blight. Do not walk into an Orb just yet. Light-Eater Knights will spawn shortly after the Ogres and attempt to commune with these Orbs. Try to kill them before the Knights can reach an Orb. If the Knight grabs an Orb, your DPS window against Oryx will become shorter.

                                      By the time your fireteam is grabbing the third Blightguard fragment, the Vessel of Oryx will spawn. This Knight is immune to all damage normally, but this can be stripped with the restored Blightguard. The last Torn player must run to the Knight and steal their aura, allowing your team to damage them.

                                      Delayed Runner Strategy

                                      If dealing with the Light-Eater Ogres and Knights proves too hectic for your fireteam, you can delay the main Torn and Blightguard mechanic. When Oryx slams the first plate, have someone stand on that plate. The person who becomes Torn will not run to the Blightguard piece. This prevents anyone else from becoming Torn and spawns Light-Eaters soon afterward, allowing you to kill the Ogres and Knights without juggling plates or Torn players. Once the enemies are dead, proceed with the encounter as normal; only Thrall and the Vessel of Oryx will spawn until you finish a DPS phase.

                                      Oryx DPS Phase

                                      Oryx will begin his wipe mechanic, preparing his hand for a massive slam. Have each plate defender stand near their Ogre's Orb at the same time. Activate the Corrupted Light orbs, then book it to whoever has the Aura of Immortality. Everyone else should stand in the middle of the arena. This will prevent your fireteam from dying to Oryx's wipe mechanic, giving you a lengthy DPS window. The more Corrupted Light orbs you disrupted, the longer this DPS window will be. Regroup near the aura-buffed Guardian, plant your Supers, and rip into Oryx's now-exposed chest cavity.

                                      The end of DPS phase will trigger one of two events:

                                      • Shade of Oryx: Oryx will summon a Taken Blight under himself, teleporting random players into a shadow realm. They must kill a Shade of Oryx that appears from the fog. Killing the Shade returns everyone to Oryx's arena.
                                      • Meteor Storm: Knights will spawn in the front two plates before a series of AoE indicators appear near you. Run out of the AoE to avoid getting hit by a Taken meteor. The storm lasts for 15-20 seconds.

                                      Rinse and repeat this process until you get Oryx to the last 25% of his HP, where he'll enter Last Stand. For Oryx's last health bar, you must defeat two Ogres and use their Corrupted Light orbs (and your Aura of Immortality) to avoid a wipe mechanic. One orb is enough to stagger Oryx's wipe mechanic, so we recommend holding onto the second one to further extend your DPS phase. Oryx is vulnerable for the entire last stand. Make it count.

                                      Encounter Rundown: Plates

                                      Assign yourself to one of four plates in the arena. Your job is to stand atop it at a moment's notice to assist your Torn Runner. Defeating fodder enemies, Knights, and Ogres is also required.

                                      At the start of the encounter, Oryx will move to one of four plates and slam it with his hand. When his hand moves away from the plate, it'll begin to glow. Standing atop the plate will cause two things to happen:

                                      1. You'll see a floating orb, located directly above another Guardian's plate. Either you or the Torn runner call this out.

                                      2. One random member of your fireteam will become Torn.

                                      If you were Torn, skip to the Torn rundown of this guide.

                                      Your goal is to stand atop the plate until your Torn runner reaches their destination, preventing Ogres from killing your fireteam and Light-Eater Knights from stealing the Ogre's Corrupted Light orb. Stay at your plate, keep the adds at bay, and try to stay alive above all else. If you get Torn during the encounter, have a flex/add-clear player take your place.

                                      When Oryx starts his wipe mechanic and you're Torn, your job is to stand near your Ogre's Corrupted Light. All plate users must stand beside their orb at the same time. This will open Oryx's chest up, allowing you to damage him. Return to the middle of the map and damage Oryx.

                                      When Oryx starts his wipe mechanic and you are not Torn, your job is to stand at the center of the arena and kill adds until Oryx can be damaged. Stay still to keep your team alive during the DPS phase.

                                      Encounter Rundown: Flex

                                      Assist the north or south end with killing adds, Ogres, and Knights. Have one flex player on each side.

                                      Shortly after the first Torn player grabs an Essence, a Light-Eater Ogre spawns near a plate. Kill the Ogre immediately. More Ogres will spawn shortly thereafter, one spawning at each plate in a counter-clockwise rotation. Killing the Ogre will spawn an orb of Corrupted Light. Do not stand in it.

                                      After the Ogres are dealt with, keep an eye out for Light-Eater Knights that spawn. They'll rush towards Ogre Orbs and steal them. Kill them before they can steal anything.

                                      If a plate Guardian ever gets Torn, you'll substitute for them. Stand on their plate if needed, and keep their side free of adds.

                                      When Oryx starts his wipe mechanic, you'll want to stand near the middle with the aura-wielder. If the aura-wielder originally protected a plate, stand in their Corrupted Light orb instead.

                                      Encounter Rundown: Torn Runner

                                      Stand on the glowing plate and look for a floating orb. Call out which plate the orb is floating above. That plate defender will stand on their plate, spawning platforms you can use to reach the orb. Touch the orb to progress the encounter and remove the Taken effect from your character.

                                      If you're the third Torn player in the encounter, grabbing the Blightguard fragment will let you steal an aura for a short time. Run up to the Vessel of Oryx to make them vulnerable by giving yourself the Aura of Immortality. This protects you and nearby allies from Oryx's wipe mechanic.

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