Demon’s Souls PlayStation 5 Devs Say "There Shouldn’t Be" Difficulty Options

The people who are worried that FromSoftware’s games are being watered down shouldn’t be, as the creative director of Demon’s Souls has confirmed that there won’t be an Easy Mode, nor should there be one.

Demon’s Souls is the game that birthed the Souls series, and the Soulslike genre as a whole. The brutal difficulty of the game, combined with its tight gameplay and beautiful visuals, led to it becoming a cult hit on the PS3. Demon’s Souls led to Dark Souls, which itself spawned other incredible games, like Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

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Demon’s Souls is being remade by Bluepoint and will be a PS5 launch exclusive. Demon’s Souls creative director Gavin Moore was interviewed by Game Informer for an upcoming piece. According to Nate Nadja on Twitter, Moore has confirmed that there won’t be difficulty options in Demon’s Souls, nor should there be.

A lot has been said about the inclusion of easy modes in games and how it relates to accessibility. The discussion regarding easy modes in games picked up steam in regards to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In the case of Sekiro, many gamers struggled with it, especially when compared to other Soulslike games. Sekiro forces the player to adhere to a style based on stealth, parrying, and counters, which isn’t to everyone’s taste. It didn’t take long for the PC version of Sekiro to have an easy mode mod, but there are some purists who believe that FromSoftware games shouldn’t include any official difficulty options.

One could argue that the whole identity of the Souls series (and its spin-offs) comes from their difficulty. The shared experience of defeating the same challenges is what brings the fans of the series together. The fact that the Demon’s Souls remake is being made by a different company led to the theory that it could be made easier, but it seems that won’t be the case, and players can continue to get pushed off the ledge by those jerk gargoyle bosses like they did on the Ps3. The Demon’s Souls remake might have beautiful visuals, but it’s just as difficult as the original game.

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