Demon’s Souls: How To Defeat The False King

Due to the nonlinear nature of Demon’s Souls, FromSoftware’s first entry in the Soulsborne franchise doesn’t have a true final boss. There’s an endgame enemy players are tasked with defeating at the end of the game, but he poses no threat (an intentional beat that highlights Demon’s Souls’ profound story). Demon’s Souls’ real final bosses come in the form of each area’s Archdemon – and none are more final than False King Allant.

The Archdemon of Boletaria Palace, False King Allant is a key player in the game’s narrative and one of the hardest bosses in Demon’s Souls. The False King is comparable to the likes of Gwyn from Dark Souls or Gehrman from Bloodborne, forcing players to understand the core mechanics or suffer the consequences.

Defeating False King Allant requires either learning his attack pattern, quick reflexes & an eye for telegraphs, or abusing the many overpowered tools Demon’s Souls hides in plain sight. The single hardest boss in the game, False King Allant is the closest thing Demon’s Souls has to a proper final boss.

Completing 1-4

The first step to defeating False King Allant is actually getting to him. Bolteria Palace is the only Archstone that has four major areas, lending an even grander sense of finality to the confrontation with Allant. The level itself is short and linear, but it’s stacked with enemies from top to bottom.

  • Defeat the 3 archers on the dragon’s corpse.
  • Kill False King Allant’s 3 Black Phantoms.
  • Head right and kill the Crystal Lizard.
  • Defeat the Red Eyed Knight inside the tower.
  • Kill the 2 crossbowmen up the staircase.
  • Defeat the second Red Eyed Knight atop the staircase.

Once outside the tower, a cutscene will trigger and the Blue Dragon will perch itself above the bridge. Make sure to bait the Blue Dragon’s flame so it kills all the enemies on the bridge and then run across as the fires fade. Quickly kill the Fat Official up ahead, take out the Crystal Lizard, and march up the stairs where the Blue Dragon will relocate.

Bait the Blue Dragon’s flame yet again and then rush up the stairs when it’s safe. If Biorr was already rescued, he’ll show up to fight the Blue Dragon himself. Once inside the castle, confront Ostrava’s Black Phantom and head up the elevator to False King Allant’s boss door.

Allant’s Attack Pattern

False King Allant has a variety of attacks that he’ll rotate through during combat, so it’s imperative to learn his tells as quickly as possible. While Allant is incredibly deadly, his telegraphs are long enough where a trained eye can quickly figure out what the False King is about to attack with at any given time. Allant’s 3 hit combo can be dodged, but is too fast paced to warrant a counter.

Similarly, don’t try to get in a hit when Allant is rushing towards you. The best times to attack Allant are after he fails Soulsucker (indicated by his hand’s blue glow and easy enough to dodge), after his jump attack, and while he’s casting his AOE attack. False King Allant normally can’t be interrupted, but enough strikes during his cast will actually cancel the spell (not that it’s particularly difficult to dodge).

The main thing to be mindful of when fighting False King Allant is distance. His AOE attack deals a lot of damage if it connects, but he’ll only ever use it if you’re too far away. On that same token, Soulsucker delvels your highest stat on contact, but False King Allant will never use it except at very close range.

Melee Strategy

Melee characters will have a much harder time with False King Allant than their ranged counterparts. There are another of strategies archers and mages can exploit from long range to mitigate Allant’s threat. Not so much for traditional Strength builds like Knights. The key to successfully defeating False King Allant as a melee character is Stamina.

If you obtained the Mausoleum Key from Ostrava, make sure to defeat Old King Doran and obtain the Ancient King’s Set & Eternal Warrior’s Ring – incredibly valuable pieces of equipment when it comes to Stamina regeneration. While it might be tempting to block Allant’s strikes head on, his attacks drain a considerable amount of stamina, leaving you little room to counter.

It’s important to learn how to dodge and trigger his attacks. For the bold, create some distance so Allant starts charging his AOE attack. If you’re fast enough, you should be able to get enough strikes in to interrupt the attack and dodge away before Allant can counter. It’s the best way of cutting through his health bar as a melee character, but it is something of a risk.

Ranged Strategy

An overpowered archer can take out False King Allant with next to no effort. Just keep a distance, lock on, and fire any Heavy or White Arrows into him. There’s no reason to ever be up close, so attacks like Soulsucker aren’t a problem. You should also have plenty of stamina to dodge at all times.

Mages have a few more options, all of which extremely viable. Warding is an incredibly useful buff, Soul Ray does a fair amount of damage, and Firestorm deals even more if you can find the time to cast it. For the easiest victory, cast Poison Cloud onto him and patiently wait while he dies. The spell will need to be cast a few times to drain Allant’s health, but it will eventually work.

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