Demon’s Souls Gameplay Trailer Shows Two More Bosses That’ll Definitely Kill You

We’re less than two weeks away from the PS5’s launch day and simultaneous release of the exclusive Demon’s Souls Remake that’s sure to convince more than one Souls fan to pick up the next-gen console. The remade game from Bluepoint promises a visual overhaul unlike any other remake along with new content to satisfy returning fans.

We got our first look at Demon’s Souls gameplay during last month’s PS5 event. That trailer showed World 1 and Demon’s Souls’ first boss fight, while the new trailer released today takes us to World 2 to take on the Armor Spider and Flamelurker bosses.

These bosses are all about fire resistance. Armor Spider loves to spit fireballs and ignite the entire area around it, requiring the player to back up all the way to the hallway. The remake’s animation makes it much easier to spot the edge of the fire wave so that you can stay ahead of it by making it so the Armor Spider spews an oily substance that subsequently ignites.

With the Armor Spider dispatched, the Flamelurker proves to be even more challenging for the player. The ape-like boss jumps around chaotically while slamming the ground with its powerful fists. It’s unfortunately too much for our brave knight to endure, and that familiar message pops up to show that he’ll need to try again.

Judging by the smoothness of the trailer, we’re guessing that it’s running on Demon’s Souls new “performance mode” at 60 fps and dynamic 4K resolutions. This allows certain textures to drop in order to maintain a smooth 60 frames per second–a crucial factor in Demon’s Souls where timing is often the difference between life and death.

According to a new interview with Bluepoint over at Polygon, Demon’s Souls will also include a photo mode and a Ghost of Tsushima-style filter that will make the game appear more like the PS3 original if the player prefers. I’ve no idea why you’d want to give up the stunning visuals only possible on the PS5 for something that looks over a decade old, but it’s there if you want.

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