Demon’s Souls’ Extended State Of Play Reveals Very Little New Details, Still Looks Astonishing

With a little under a week left until the launch of the PlayStation 5, Sony and Bluepoint have uploaded an extended look at the extensive Demon’s Souls remake and the game still looks utterly astonishing. Leveraging a ton of the PS5’s power, it’s really quite breathtaking to behold. We haven’t seen visuals like this in any game before, on console or PC. It’s a real showstopper.

That being said, this 12-minute trailer showed off very little that veteran fans of Demon’s Souls wouldn’t already know. It’s maybe reassuring to learn that developer Bluepoint Games isn’t messing around with FromSoftware’s original blueprint, but I’m not quite sure why there needed to be such a long trailer.

Not completely free of new information, we now know that the very flash finisher animations won’t have any kind of noticeable impact on gameplay. As SIE Worldwide Studios creative director Gavin Moore explains, Demon’s Souls certainly looks the part of a PS5 title, but Bluepoint utilized all of the original PS3 code to ensure that combat was synced to what fans have ingrained in their brain. If you’re a master of Demon’s Souls, you won’t need to change anything about how you play.

Moore also reiterates in the video that Demon’s Souls will feature both a visual and performance option to cater to specific crowds. While the visual option will cap the framerate at 30 fps and provide a true 4K resolution output, Moore is sticking by the claim of “dynamic 4K” for the performance mode. I really don’t care what it outputs in, as long as it maintains a rock-solid 60 fps.

We were also given another look at the character creation tool, which does seem thoroughly extensive. It’s maybe strange that a Souls game could even bother with this considering you end up putting on a helmet after a few hours, but gamers that are really into roleplaying should enjoy these new options.

Demon’s Souls will be launching alongside the PS5 on November 12, 2020. Priced at $70, it might be a hard sell for those that still have their PS3 originals, but is absolutely shaping up to be an excellent remake of a bonafide classic.

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