Defend 18th Century Paris Against An Automata Army In Action-RPG Steelrising

Games that present an alternate history are often compelling by nature. GreedFall developer Spiders is working on the new action-RPG Steelrising, which paints 18th century Paris in a very different light. Machines, gothic architecture, and revolutionary battles await as you try to change the course of history.

In Steelrising’s fictional account of historical events, King Louis XVI has reduced Paris to ruin while terrorizing its inhabitants. Your mission is to join the resistance as Aegis to fight back against the King’s automata army and attempt to set history on the right path.

Steelrising is scheduled to release on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with no release date confirmed yet. Spiders has begun recruiting users for an online beta session which will commence on Steam at the beginning of March. The playtest’s official dates haven’t been announced, but it is expected to last between seven to ten days. Spiders presents an interesting and original premise to the action-RPG genre, and the team is keen to get player feedback from the beta. Spiders’ previous game, GreedFall, received many comparisons to other titles, but Steelrising already stands out.

While further details of the game have been kept under wraps, we still have an official teaser trailer and concept art to give us a glimpse at King Louie’s alternate reign. The trailer is bereft of action, but we did get Westworld vibes from the slow pans around members of the resistance. On the other hand, the concept art shows off the game’s gothic architecture, which is the perfect setting to contrast the advanced technology that walks there.

GreedFall may not have left a lasting impression on the gaming community, but we still thought it was worthy of a 3.5 out of five star review. We highlighted its strength in presenting engaging pockets of problem-solving, as well as distracting side quests that take you deeper into the game’s lore. It may not have rivaled the success of The Witcher, but we thought it was reminiscent of developer BioWare’s worlds that have always been rich with compelling characters and riveting plot choices.

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