Death Stranding Director’s Cut Is Launching On Steam And Epic Games Store In Spring 2022

Kojima Productions and 505 Games have confirmed that Death Stranding Director's Cut will be launching on both Steam and the Epic Games Store later this year. This announcement comes shortly after a leak from Intel which revealed a letter from 505 Games president Neil Rally explaining how the publisher's partnership with Intel will benefit the game.

Unfortunately, neither Kojima Productions nor 505 Games have announced a concrete release date, but Death Stranding Directors Cut will be available on PC at some point in Spring this year. Alongside the announcement, Death Stranding Director's Cut also has a new Steam page, although it's still unknown whether the Directors Cut version of Death Stranding will be available as an upgrade for pre-existing owners on Steam. If the Intel leak is to be believed, we can expect more information around March.

As for what PC users can expect from this new Death Stranding port, the game will come with all the additional content featured in the PS5 version including new missions, a jetpack, a catapult, and a little robot buddy who helps you with deliveries. Adding to that, 505 Games' partnership with Intel also promises PC players new Arc/XeSS graphics, new super-resolution technology, super sampling, and AI-driven upscaling.

Death Stranding Directors Cut follows other high-profile PlayStation titles heading to PC like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone. God of War will also be launching on PC later this month, showing that Sony is definitely benefitting from its recent foray into the PC market. With this much recent support from Sony, we'll likely see even more new PlayStation titles hitting PC in the future, although ex-PlayStation boss Shawn Layden doesn't believe they'll ever launch day one alongside PS5.

For those still unfamiliar with Death Stranding, the game centers around Sam Bridges and takes place in the United States which has been ravaged by an apocalyptic event known as the Death Stranding. As Sam, players are tasked with delivering crucial supplies to faraway settlements and colonies, reconnecting them via wireless communications. Death Stranding Directors Cut is currently only available on PS5 but is also available via a small upgrade fee for pre-existing owners.

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