Dark Souls: Every Skippable Boss In The Game (And How To Skip Them)

Dark Souls is a game perhaps best known for its crushingly difficult bosses. Hell, the first one you face off against, you aren’t even meant to be able to beat unless you see a teeny tiny door creak open off to the side of the stage, which is hard, because, you know, you’re staring at the huge boss right in front of you.

While some may want to skip bosses because they’re too hard, others may want to so that they can maximise their online capabilities. Once you beat the boss in an area, you lose the ability to summon other players into that part of your world. So, if you want to maximise your coop play or just skip a boss you can’t beat, this is the guide for you.

Asylum Demon

You can basically skip this boss by choosing firebombs as your starting gift. You should pick the thief class here so that you also get the master key, an item essential to later skips. All you do here is throw firebombs at the Demon until it dies, should take five. Then, just as its health drops to zero, quit out and load back in and run out the door to your left. Proceed through the level as normal, only this time, the guy who gives you one key will give you two, allowing you to open the Asylum door. Drop down onto the Demon, go behind him and leave the arena. Now the boss is skipped! Of course, if you don’t want to leave it alive, throwing five firebombs to kill it is basically skipping it too.

Taurus Demon

You can only do this if you have the master key, which you can get by either picking the thief class or you the master key starting gift, pick thief and firebombs so you can perform all these skips in one playthrough. There are two ways to do this skip. The first also skips the Undead Burg.

From Firelink Shrine, go down to the elevator that takes you to New Londo Ruins. Go just ahead and to the right, up the spiral stairs that take you to the Valley of the Drakes. Go across a flimsy piece of wood and turn left, past the undead drake and to the right, up the elevator that takes you into Darkroot Basin. From here, go up and to the right into Darkroot garden, then left, into Undead Parish, and you’ve completely skipped the Taurus Demon!

The other method is to go through Undead Burg as normal until you reach the tower that leads up to the Taurus Demon. Instead, go down and unlock the door guarded by Havel. You’ll be in Darkroot Basin. Keep to the left, go up the ledges to Darkroot Garden, head left to the Undead Parish and you’ve skipped Taurus Demon again!

Capra Demon, Gaping Dragon, and Blighttown

You can skip all three of these at once if you want. Or you can beat Capra and skip the rest, or beat Capra and Gaping Dragon and just skip Blighttown. From Firelink Shrine, head back into the Valley of the Drakes. This time, go right after the flimsy piece of wood and you’ll find yourself in the back entrance of Blighttown. Go through past all the enemies and you’ll get to a big wheel that has a sort of elevator conveyor belt system on it. Go down there, head left, and you’ll be at the bonfire at the bottom of Blighttown having skipped all the bullshit parts of it.

Iron Golem

Once you’ve made it through the house of horrors that is Sen’s Fortress you’ll be up against the Iron Golem. Actual skips of this boss are very technical glitches that involve wrong warping, something best left for another guide. Instead, there’s a pretty easy cheese. All you have to do is stagger the Golem on one of the two narrow bridges in the arena. Just keep biting at its ankles and it’ll fall down into a sitting position. Position it right and the Golem will fall right out of the arena giving you an easy win.

Ceaseless Discharge, Demon Firesage, and Centipede Demon

After battling through Quelaag and into the fiery pits of the abominations of Chaos you are faced with… Ceaseless Discharge. Ew. There’s a pretty handy skip but it’ll cost you 30 humanity. In the room below the lever you use to ring the lower bell is a false wall; roll through it to find a bonfire and the white spider Chaos Servant. Enter her covenant and offer her 30 humanity. She’ll unlock the Lost Izalith shortcut, allowing you to skip Ceaseless Discharge entirely. If it persists though, see a doctor.

This skip also allows you to skip both the Demon Firesage and Centipede Demon, as the elevator down lands you behind both bosses.

Bonus Round – Optional Bosses

That’s it for bosses you normally have to fight but can skip without a near game-breaking glitch. If you’re new to the game and not sure what bosses are entirely optional, here is a handy list.

  • Stray Demon – You can find this beast back in the Asylum.
  • Moonlight Butterfly – This boss is worth fighting as it’s relatively easy and very serene, found in the Darkroot Garden.
  • Crossbreed Priscilla – This boss is super tough and can lock you into her optional area, the Painted World of Ariamis, accessed in Anor Londo.
  • Darksun Gwyndolin – Also found in Anor Londo, this boss doesn’t need to be fought but is worthwhile for lore purposes.

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