Cyberpunk Glitch Gives Every NPC A Gun

It’s been just a couple of days since Cyberpunk 2077 released and, as expected, the game has some bugs and glitches that need to be patched. Luckily, CDPR took care of the problems that actually made the game unsafe to play, however, there is one glitch that somehow makes sense in Night City’s setting. That’s because this particular glitch will give every NPC a handgun—children included.

Back in August, we reported specifically about the gun culture in Cyberpunk and how concept art coordinator, Ben Andrews said, “Everybody has a gun because violence has been taken to the extremes. The idea that you may be mugged on your way home from work is extremely common, or your apartment might be broken into at the weekend. So, everybody’s carrying a gun.”

Of course, Andrews probably didn’t mean that literally everyone in the game would have a gun. At least, that’s not how the game usually runs. Usually. The glitch was recently discovered by the Twitch streamer Dunkey and was quickly shared to Reddit. Literally, every NPC has a basic pistol in their hands with this one, making Andrews’ comments that much more impactful.

The NPCs aren’t meant to constantly have a gun in their hands, it seems, as the weapon will clip through their head when they try to rest their chin in their hands. The glitch has been replicated elsewhere, so this wasn’t a one-off issue. Small children have even been discovered playing hopscotch while holding a pistol. Apparently, scaring the NPCs will cause them to drop their guns and run. You can then pick up the weapons and use them, modify them, or sell them for some quick cash. Obviously, that last option is the real kicker, as it moves the exploit from merely humorous to game breakingly humorous.

Unfortunately, it seems that the NPCs only prefer basic pistols and won’t spontaneously begin carrying high-end weapons that you’ll actually want. That being said, if you run across this bug, the cash that you can generate should be enough to get you most of the things that you want to purchase. As of now, there is no news of this particular bug being patched, so you may have the opportunity to experience the Night City that Andrews described—a city where literally everyone has a gun.

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