Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Stops Fights Happening For No Reason

Cyberpunk 2077 has some, uh, interesting combat sections. Even after patches, stealth can just feel technically impossible in areas, as enemies spot you through walls, or NPCs turn hostile for seemingly no reason. Thankfully, the community has come to the rescue once more, offering the solution with a new mod.

Modder anygoodname has released "Stop unprovoked attacks", which does just what it says on the tin. It patches the bugs that cause false combat triggers, meaning you should only have a fight when you go looking for one, or actually mess up during stealth.

The mod doesn't necessarily make the game easier, it just makes it a whole lot fairer. Using it, any combat sections you get should only be the intended ones, so enemies won't be able to sense your presence for no reason. It also fixes the issue where combat music plays despite there being no enemies around at all, which prevents you from saving your progress.

It also amends the notorious error that causes NPCs to flee in panic – for absolutely no reason. Frequently in the streets of Night City, you'll see NPCs dash away like you've just shot a man in front of them. This appears to be caused by false flags in the game's code, not intended at all.

This is far from the only time the fans have come racing to the rescue, fixing issues that the developers sadly were not granted the time to address. It seems like there's been a push to get combat into working order recently, as another big mod overhauled it completely. Again, it set about making it much fairer, only this time in terms of the amount of damage you take and dish out. In simple terms, the game is fairer earlier on, and much more challenging the more you level up – as you would expect from an action RPG.

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