Cyberpunk 2077 Has A Massive Iron Man Easter Egg

Cyberpunk 2077 might have its problems, but the sheer number of easter eggs in the game is one way it is making up for those misgivings.

Now that the world appears to have gotten to grips with Cyberpunk 2077’s problems, the hate being thrown the game’s way has died down a little. Everyone who wanted a refund has likely claimed it by now, and no, that doesn’t mean they were allowed to keep the game too. As for those who don’t mind Cyberpunk’s misgivings, or are happy to wait for the fixes, they continue to discover everything it has to offer.

And there is a lot to find. Cyberpunk’s easter eggs alone give players so much to discover. Most of the easter eggs are hidden in Cyberpunk’s shards. Tidbits of information you can find littered around Night City. They include shoutouts to everything from GTA San Andreas, The Office, and even an NSFW hat tip to Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Another easter egg, discovered by Redditor rafaelrenno, is a big one, and maybe our favorite to date. The shard in question can be found inside a cave. The cave itself might look familiar to Marvel fans as it has been designed to resemble the one in which Tony Stark is held prisoner in the first-ever Iron Man movie.

In the movie, Stark creates an Iron Man suit out of scrap metal so that he can make his escape. The bodies littered around the inside of the cave suggest that someone may have done something similar here, and the information on the shard confirms that. It contains the journal of someone called Thomas Star. Close to Tony Stark, but not so close that it ruffles Marvel’s feathers.

The journal is 36 days long and details Star’s creation of an exoskeleton he needs to break out of the cave prison in which he is being detained. You know, just like Iron Man. It even has flamethrowers which Star added right at the end of his project judging by the journal. A very cool easter egg indeed. Our only hope now is that Star is out there somewhere in Night City and that we will one day have the chance to steel that exoskeleton away from him.

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