Cuphead: How To Beat Sally Stageplay

Cuphead is one of the most difficult games out. This challenging boss gauntlet is a harrowing experience. Studio MDHR’s breakout success is known for pushing its players relentlessly, upping the challenge with each new encounter. Cuphead is not for the faint of heart. It’ll take patience, practice, and a lot of deaths. Those interested in the elation of taking down a challenging foe will find few releases as rewarding.

Once Cuphead takes out Dr. Kahl’s Robot, he’ll gain access to Sally Stageplay’s domain. This demented actress won’t rest until she humiliates Cuphead in front of her adoring fans. Sally may not be a mechanical menace, but she’s just as versatile as the boss that comes before her. She’s got plenty of tricks that can crush unsuspecting players. Check out these tips, trips, and suggestions to sway the odds in your favor.


Before heading into the Dramatic Fanatic, make sure that Cuphead has the proper equipment for the fight. Outfit Cuphead with the Charge Shot, Spread Shot, Smoke Bomb, and Super I. Each of these pieces will prove invaluable to his success.

If you’re missing any of the items listed, head over to Porkrind’s Emporium and purchase any weapons or charms you’re lacking. As always, Cuphead can find supers in the game’s Mauseleoums. Check this guide out to see where Super I is located. Once you’re prepared, head up to Sally’s stage, where the actress lies in wait.

Phase One

In Phase One, Sally will have a handful of troublesome attacks Cuphead will need to keep his eyes out for:

  • Parasol Corkscrew
  • Fan Trap
  • Flying Kiss
  • Wrong Warp

Sally’s First attack is her Parasol Corkscrew, a move where she leaps into the air before plummeting down in a diagonal line. This move isn’t too tough to evade; stand back and use the Charge Shot to damage her from afar, using the Smoke bomb to slip away if she gets too close.

Another move at Sally’s disposal is her Fan Trap (shown above), an attack that lets her call her fan minions to the stage. Sally will jump into the air and do a flip, one that sends a small fan barreling towards the floor of the stage. The minion will stay on the stage and damage Cuphead when he touches it, so avoid it until it disappears.

The Flying Kiss sends a heart flying that floats up and down, traveling slowly across the map. Because this item is pink, Cuphead can parry it, earning some super energy.

Sally’s Wrong Warp lets her teleport. Her parasol will eat her before divebombing. Watch out for the above animation, as she’ll come crashing down soon after (shown below). Dash away when she crashes down to avoid taking damage.

Sally Stageplay has so many attacks at her disposal early on in the fight, it can be a bit overwhelming. Learning each of these moves is key to overcoming the first phase.

At the end of the phase, Sally rides offscreen in her husband’s car. Once she returns, the second phase will begin.

Phase Two

In Phase Two, Sally switches the scenery, adding a few new actions to her array of tricks. While she continues using her Parasol Corkscrew, Fan Trap, and Flying Kiss abilities, she’ll add two new moves to her catalog.

First, Sally summons her new Baby Minions from the windows in the building behind her. These babies will use Baby’s Bottle to toss their drinks down at Cuphead. Watch out for these rambunctions infants, as they’ll continually attack throughout the phase.

Apart from calling a new group of minions, Sally Stageplay also gains the Toy Time attack, a move that sees her spawn several wind-up toys that scuttle across the field. After falling from her parasol, the toys will roll towards the curtains and off stage. Hop over these contraptions to avoid taking damage, using the Charge Shot to drain Sally’s health over time. Once you’ve drained Sally’s health enough, she’ll head out behind the curtain, signaling the start of Phase Three.

Phase Three

In her next phase, Sally will transform, taking on her Angel Form. Here, she’ll be much larger, hovering over the stage, using a new set of minions known as the Prop Actors to attack Cuphead. These actors will call several prop attacks with indicators showcased above Sally’s new body (shown above). Be on the lookout for the following indicators:

  • Meteor
  • Big Wave
  • Lightning

When the Meteor is called, a large rock cutout spawns on the right side of the screen. Use the spread shot to break it open and spawn a Pink Star. Don’t hit this just yet, as you’ll need it to avoid Sally’s follow-up attack.

Sally will follow the Meteor attack with a Big Wave. This attack sees a wave cutout carried in by one of the Prop Actors. To avoid taking damage, parry the Pink Star. It’ll boost Cuphead high enough to evade the cutout. If you miss the star, use the Smoke Bomb for dashing through the wave instead.

Sally’s final attack is her Lightning. Here, she’ll send several bolts of lightning that move across the stage. Evade the lightning while using the Charge Shot to hit Sally during this phase. Because she’s such a large target, it’s easy to land these hard-hitting attacks. When Sally falls apart, she’ll exit the stage once more, changing once again for her Final Phase.

Final Phase

Sally’s final form sees her take on her Diety Form. Here, she’ll hover high above the stage while her Para-Spin sends her parasol spinning around the bottom of the stage. Fans will throw Roses on stage, applauding Sally. Some of these roses can be parried, so look out for the pink Roses, slapping them when they fall from above.

Those comfortable with their aim can try using the Charge Shot to snipe Sally Stageplay from below, though she does move quickly from side to side. If you’re missing shots, swap over to the Spread Shot and shoot up when you can, prioritizing evasion of the parasol. This stage may feel agonizing in length, but hang in there! Eventually, Sally will fall, and you’ll gain another soul contract for Cuphead’s quest.

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