Crytek Is Teasing A Crysis 3 Remaster

Crytek seems to be teasing a remaster of Crysis 3, just days after teasing a remaster for Crysis 2.

The official Crisis Twitter account released an image from Crysis 3, using the same eyes emoji that they used in their Crysis 2 tease earlier in the week. It’s not hard to guess that it’s referencing a remaster for Crysis 3, although it’s surprising to see so soon after the Crysis 2 tease.

Interestingly, the image that the Twitter account shared seems to be brand new. It’s made clear that it is referencing Crysis 3 though, as most of that game is set in a city that’s been taken over by wildlife and turned into a literal concrete jungle. Crytek also Tweeted “3” under the image, although no more details were given about what the remaster might actually entail.

The Crysis Twitter also Tweeted the phrase “Romeo Actual this is Romeo One. Initiating burnout. Over”, which is a quote from Psycho, one of the characters from the third game. Similarly, they Tweeted a quote from Crysis 2 when teasing that remaster.

With the Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 teases happening so close together, it’s pretty clear that Crytek is planning on remastering the remaining two games of the trilogy. It’ll be interesting to see if either Crysis 2 or Crysis 3 retain their multiplayer modes, as most modern remasters seem to be removing them.

The idea of a trilogy collection makes sense considering the Crysis 2 tease didn’t have any number attached to it. It’s possible that we’ll see the two remaining games at E3, but these Twitter teases could also hint at a release much sooner.

All of this teasing and remastering seems to be leading to new things for the Crysis franchise. Leaks earlier in the year revealed that the first three games would be getting a remaster and that the series would be getting a VR release of some sort, and a multiplayer battle royale called “Crysis Next”. Footage from Crysis Next even leaked out, which matched some of the art and assets included in the Crytek leak.

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