Control AWE: A Dark Place Mission Guide

The new AWE expansion for Control brings you back to the enigmatic and labyrinthine Oldest House to investigate new mysteries. The first mission, A Dark Place, doesn’t assume you’ve been away from the game, so you might need a little guidance to reaquatint yourself with the bizarre world of Control.

Control held a lot of potential for future DLC, and the AWE expansion looks to fully capitalize on that with a new set of narrative quests involving a certain character mentioned in various places and documents. Starting with the appropriately named mission A Dark Place, you will be sent back into the depths of the Oldest House to uncover new mysteries and face new threats.

How To Complete A Dark Place In Control AWE

This guide is going to walk you through the first story mission of the Control AWE DLC, and will contain spoilers for the base game, and for this first mission. You can start the DLC once you have beaten the base game and enter the Executive Area.

The Investigations Sector

After you are drawn into the Service Elevator by the shadowy image of what appears to be Alan Wake working at a typewriter, you will be moved to the Investigations Sector. Your objective is simply to explore the area, and there are a ton of new files and collectibles to interact with here if you enjoy reading those.

When you’re ready to move on, find the power core on the left hand wall and take it through a door on the right – you need to remove some debris from the door first. Put the core in the receiver up the stairs to power the gate and open it. Here you’ll cleanse your first new Control Point.

Keep moving forward from the Control Point into the next area where you will find a familiar light cord hanging down. Give it the usual three pulls to get a cutscene that removes any doubt that it is indeed Alan Wake, and leaves you in the Oceanview Motel.

The Oceanview Motel Puzzle

As always, you have a puzzle to solve to get out of this motel. To escape you first need to ring the bell on the desk, turn off the TV in room 222, turn off the radio in 224, and then go back to the lobby to turn off the vending machine. Room 226 will now be unlocked. Go inside and interact with the desk light which will prompt the hotline to go off back at the desk. Finally you can go back to the opposite hallway and open the door with the upside down pyramid, pull the cord inside three times, and be sent back to the Oldest House.

Back In The Investigations Sector

Now back, you will see a previous area that was blocked off is now open, and the objective again is just to explore, so head into this new area. You will come to a broken bridge over an infinitely deep chasm with no way across, but another bridge on the right you can jump, float, and air dash your way over to. Keep floating across until you come to one with a yellow tarp left on it, and enter the doors here that open for you.

A few Hiss will be in your way here, so take them out and hit your next Control Point.

Filing And Processing

The next zone you enter is Filing And Processing, with a few Hiss to greet you. Once you’ve dealt with them go down the Service Tunnel where you will encounter some Darkness you need to shine a light on by grabbing one of the mounted lights nearby with your telekinesis. Once through the doors, jump up to a pathway above you marked by another yellow tarp to continue through the tunnels until you hit your next Control Point.

Operations Center

After another cutscene with MRr. Wake, you will need to get the power back on in Operations. First go down some stairs to your left, follow the wall to your left to another staircase leading back up to get the first power core. Grab it and put it in the open space you saw right at the start of the area.

Now that the power’s back, the Darkness covering the way into the room on the lower floor will be gone, so take the power core back out and into that new room to power another socket so you can activate a switch. This will trigger a Hiss ambush – nothing you can’t handle. Head on in to the next room to get your next Control Point.

Active Investigations

This room is full of Darkness so try and stay out of it and enter the elevator in the center. This will spawn a giant Hiss you will want to take out fast. Make sure you go through this room clockwise to stay safe.

First grab the power core directly ahead of you and put it in the socket just to the right. Then grab another core near the yellow wall to the right of the generator and use it to partially power said generator. Grab a second core from the yellow wall area and carry it through the offices and up to the top where you will see the next socket on the generator. Finally, pick up the last core and stick it in the socket across from the generator by the control platform, head inside and interact with the switch to turn on the lights.

Another cutscene will trigger here showing the Hiss retreat due to the lights. Use the elevator to ride up and interact with the intercom to talk to Langston which will complete the first quest of the AWE DLC.

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