Circling Irida In Pokemon Legends: Arceus Breaks The Game For Some Reason

Pokemon Legends: Arceus launched a little over two weeks ago and thankfully, it wasn't riddled with glitches like Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl was at launch. It hasn't been completely void of problems though. Despite the reception for Legends: Arceus being positive enough that we can probably expect more games in this style, many aren't happy with the graphics and finer details.

There are also a handful of glitches being discovered, including the bizarre one showcased below that revolves around Irida. No, literally, if you run in circles around the Pearl Clan leader, certain nearby elements will grow exponentially with each rotation. Every time the trainer completes a circle around Irida, items at the nearby base camp get a little bigger.

Even once the trainer has finished running rings around Irida, the inflated elements of the landscape don't return to normal size. What isn't made clear is whether they can be interacted with, or if they would have kept getting bigger had the circling continued. It's also unclear why the player was running around Irida over and over again. Let's attribute it Joy-Con drift and not just someone being weird.

The Twitter post has prompted other Legends: Arceus players to share glitches of their own. One shows a massive building rapidly appearing and then disappearing over the pastures, while another makes it look like there are high-speed trains passing through the Hisui region. Not likely as the game is set in Pokemon's distant past, just don't question the smartphone powered by a Pokemon's thoughts.

While it isn't a glitch, another interesting Legends: Arceus discovery made recently has uncovered a secret room. One kitted out to be more in keeping with the modern-day and not at all like the rest of the game's aesthetic. The leading theory is the room was going to be where the game began, but Game Freak decided against it. Now, go find Irida, run rings around her, and see how big you can make your base camp.

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