Call Of Duty: Warzone – The Best Ways To Spend Your Cash

With up to 149 enemies on the same map, Call of Duty: Warzone players must play nearly flawless in order to be the last man, or team, standing. Learning the best ways to use your cash can be the difference between an epic victory and a shameful 30th place finish.

Warzone launched less than two weeks ago, so YouTube has been filling up with guides and how-to tutorials on the best way to win games while getting as many kills as possible. With over 6 million players on the first day, there are also plenty of people looking to be the best and dominate the game so that they can brag to their friends and colleagues. There is one game mechanic that has been mentioned quite frequently, but still does not receive the proper focus that it should. That mechanic is cash.

Cash is by far the most important game mechanic in Warzone. Since it is fairly unique to this battle royale, the majority of players do not understand how to properly utilize it to aid them towards a win. Before breaking down how players should spend their cash, let us first talk about the best ways to earn it.

Complete as many contracts as humanly possible

Contracts can be broken down into either recon missions, bounty missions, or scavenger missions. The easiest of the three is the scavenger mission. By completing these, not only will the player be guided to unlooted locations with unopened chests, but they will also receive cash for completion. Scavenger missions do not require confrontation with enemies and will give players the ability to quickly rack up the cash they need to start spending towards their victory.

Priority 1: Loadout Drop Marker ($6,000)

Although the most expensive, Loadout Drop Markers are by far the most important. Some can drop randomly throughout the game and if one happens to fall in front of the player,  that person should make use of the free gift. However, if one is not so lucky, then the team should pool together their cash to buy this as soon as possible. Loadout Drop Markers reward the player with not only preset weapons but also with perks, which can garner the player a massive advantage during gunfights. Even if the player is already happy with their weapons, they should still buy and use these drops to gain the perks anyway. The player can always pick back up their weapons after.

Priority 2: Armor Plate Bundle ($1,500)

Armor is an absolute must in this game, and thankfully, it is also the cheapest item available at the buy stations. If a player wants to win, they are going to eventually have to engage in gunfights against other teams, and if they are unarmored, they are dead before the fight even begins. If a player is unable to find armor plates while looting, they need to make sure that they are fully stocked and armored up while moving between zones, or sadly, they won’t stand a chance.

Priority 3: Self-Revive Kit ($4,500)

In the event that a teammate goes down, it can be really tough to venture out and revive them. With how common sniper rifles are used, especially snipers with thermal scopes, it is so important to have a Self-Revive Kit. This comes at priority number 3 instead of 1, however, because the crawling animation is quite quick in Call of Duty: Warzone, which gives the player a good chance of getting away if they have been sniped from a long distance. However, this should be prioritized if the end-game zone is in an area with a lot of buildings, it can be easy to slip inside and revive quickly, armor up from the player’s full stock, and quickly be back in the fight without ever putting their team at risk.

Priority 4: UAV ($4,000)

Every Call of Duty player knows about UAVs, considering they have been a staple of the multiplayer in this franchise since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. In a 150 person battle royale in which players can come from all different directions, often at the same time, having a good idea of where to look and who is near can be game changing. The best way to use UAVs is to have two players carry UAVs, while the other carries a Precision Airstrike.

Priority 5: Precision Airstrike ($3,500)

Rooftops are absolutely deadly. If the end zone is in a city or an area with high rise buildings, moving on the ground is rendered nearly impossible. In order to get those players either off of the rooftop, or better yet kill them, precision airstrikes can come in handy. Simply aim at the building and those players will receive a notification that a precision airstrike is coming. If you happen to be lucky, or skilled, enough to down at least one player on a rooftop, a precision airstrike can serve as a great way to finish him, or her, off.

There are several different ways a player can make and spend their cash, but one thing remains true: treat your cash like a winning lottery ticket because it is your ticket to finally achieving the victory that you have been grinding for. Learning to spend it and spend it wisely will put you one step closer to tasting that sweet, sweet victory.

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