Call of Duty Modern Warfare update comes to PS4 and Xbox later today

Activision and Infinity War will today be pushing out a new update to Call of Duty Modern Warfare.

As Activision and Infinity Ward announced in early January , modern Warfare drops a new update to the esteemed FPS game that alters the modes you have access to from the multiplayer menu on a weekly basis.

This is part of the weekly schedule that sees the developer and publisher make rolling changes to the game over three days per week.

Infinity Ward, currently, operates on this schedule:

  • Tuesday – Playlist updates
  • Thursday – Developer diary and/or behind the scenes blog
  • Friday – Community Update blog

And that means today, we're going to see some of the current content in the game rotate out as other modes rotate in.

"Test your skills this week in Modern Warfare with an updated 1v1 playlist and the return of Gunfight trios ," reads a message over on the Modern Warfare blog . We've added bold for emphasis on what new modes are coming in.

"Lead your team to victory in Gunfight trios . Battle with a variety of random weapons on small, close quarters battlefield, including the newly added Bazaar.

"Ready to square off against your friend or foe? Hop into the updated 1v1 Me Bro playlist where the radar is permanently on, so you can hunt down the enemy. Utilize the constant radar pings to plan your attack but be wary because your opponent knows your location as well."

It seems like it's going to be a good rotation this week, when the new modes arrive at roughly 5pm UK time.

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