Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Tamagotchi watch costs £8

The latest cosmetic extra in Call Of Duty is a digital watch with a Tamagotchi style virtual pet in it, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Ever since Call Of Duty abandoned traditional loot boxes, Activision has found that their profits have gone up rather than down – and that’s thanks to things like the new Tomogunchi in-game watch.

As weird as it sounds, it’s exactly what it looks like: a 90s style digital watch for your in-game soldier to wear, that also has a Tamagotchi style virtual pet in it.

There are already multiple watches in the game, but this is the first one to have a mini-game built-in, with developer Infinity Ward hinting in their blog that the little critter has multiple forms.

How to get them isn’t explained when you buy it though, so fans have been trying to work out the logic behind it all and how to unlock everything.

The problem with using the watch is that you have to stand still to do it, which is not generally a good idea in Call Of Duty.

If you can find a quiet corner of one of the bigger maps though you’ll find the creature works much like an actual Tamagotchi, with the primary concern being to keep him fed – with success in the game providing you with food to feed him with.

He also has a bonus charge which is filled up in different ways depending on the pet. You have to figure what it is though, from likely options such as getting killstreaks or completing objectives.

If you mess any of this up, and don’t feed it, the Tamagotchi can die, at which point you’ll have to hatch a new one.

Whether any of this is worth 1,000 COD Points (around £8) is up to you but unlike loot boxes at least you know what you’re getting. Plus, an actual Tamagotchi is around £18 for an official one.

Since it is a cosmetic extra it doesn’t help in any way with the game, although it might give you an advantage if everyone else in a match is standing around staring at their watch instead of fighting.

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