Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare battle royale gameplay video leaked

A YouTuber seems to have put their review of Call Of Duty’s new battle royale mode up early by mistake and it is looking good.

Update: As predicated, the video has been taken down. But given it was up for hours there are already plenty of copies on YouTube and elsewhere.

Original story: We’re not entirely sure what’s going on here, but we suspect YouTuber Chaos has got confused (purposefully or otherwise) about the embargo time for Call Of Duty’s battle royale mode and accidentally put 11 minutes of footage live before he was supposed to.

The footage is clearly real, which means Activision is likely to get YouTube to take it down. Although if he’s only a few hours early it might be allowed to stay up.

The launch date for the battle royale mode, called Warzone, is heavily rumoured to be tomorrow, 10 March, with an official reveal presumably sometime today.

It’s been rumoured before that prominent YouTubers have already played the mode and since Chaos has 2.5 million subscribers he seems to fit the bill (although how they put up with his constant shouting we don’t know).

If you’d rather put the video on mute, then the most important details are that it’s a 150-player battle royale that will be trying to move up to 200 players after launch.

Solo, duos, and trios options are available and while killstreaks are in the game you cannot earn them but have to buy them from special stations on the ground.

You also have to buy respawn tokens to revive killed team-mates, a featured that was leaked as long ago as last year (really, Activision’s secret keeping on this has been awful).

Also leaked before is the Gulag feature, which gives you a chance to re-enter the game if you’re killed by taking part in a special 1v1 mode with someone else that’s died, while other spectating players throw rocks at you both.

Warzone will also have vehicles, including helicopters, and feature a ‘massive’ map with ‘custom-designed’ buildings and elements inspired by classic Call Of Duty maps, just like last year’s Blackout mode.

Mind you, if Chaos got confused over the embargo date, he may have got some of the other details wrong too. But at least there doesn’t seem much doubt the footage is real – assuming it’s still up by the time you read this.

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