Call of Duty DOWN: Modern Warfare server status with Warzone download latest

Call of Duty is down or not working properly for some tonight following the launch of Warzone across all platforms.

Reports of problems with Call of Duty Modern Warfare servers are going up, although they appear to still be a very small number.

A new COD Warzone patch has already been released today by developers Infinity Ward, following the launch of the full mode

This also came with an update from Infinity Ward regarding the overall status of gamers trying to download Call of Duty Warzone.

The first message reads: “We’re rolling out a small patch across all platforms that enables the text chat in Modern Warfare multiplayer and also fixes a bug that gave inconsistent rewards when completing contracts in Battle Royale.”

The second adds: “It’s been an exciting day so far! For those who are still downloading, be sure to follow us for updates!

“If you’re already in Warzone, we’ve lowered the player count requirements needed to start a match. Staying in lobbies until they’re full will help you find matches quicker.”

That second point, regarding matchmaking and lowering the player count needed to start a game is very important.

There have been many reports today regarding long waits for lobbies to fill up, only to see some players drop out and the whole process start again.

Other COD gamers are reporting issues with completing the Call of Duty Warzone download tonight, among other server issues.

There are also reports of players being booted from the game having updated Call of Duty Modern Warfare earlier today.

One user writes: “Still trying to download warzone update and when I press multiplayer it says my data is corrupted or it didn’t download right.

Another adds: “The Modern Warfare PS4 update went live today and I haven’t been able connect since? Help!”

More technical news is expected to be shared by Activision if problems persist.

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