Bungie Dev Confirms Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Content Is "Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon"

Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary update added a boatload of new content that was loved by the community. This was a necessary step to keep players engaged considering the game is experiencing its longest season yet. While the 30th Anniversary additions are thoroughly enjoyable, there is a constant fear of it being vaulted when the next big update drops – something that has happened to other old expansions. Thankfully, a Bungie dev has confirmed that it won’t come to that.

The Destiny Content Vault (DCV) was introduced with the Beyond Light DLC and quickly became one of the most controversial features of the game. The next victim to the DCV is the Forsaken DLC, which will be vaulted once the Witch Queen DLC drops. However, this won’t be the case with Destiny 2’s 30th Anniversary content.

Game director Joe Blackburn confirmed Bungie’s stance on this in response to a fan query on Twitter. According to him, the content “is not going anywhere anytime soon”. This still doesn’t paint a very clear picture regarding its tenure in the game, but we can rest assured that players will be able to access it for a while after the Witch Queen DLC launches.

The 30th Anniversary update introduced a bug for new players. Now, instead of starting the New Light campaign, players are being thrown straight into the new seasonal activity, Dares of Eternity. This is a nightmare for beginners as they end up being one-shot by even the weakest enemies as their power level is 50 below the activity's. Thankfully, this has been brought to Bungie’s notice and they are working on a fix for the same.

While the community waits for the Witch Queen DLC, it has already started predicting what lies ahead. One such theory suggests that the Rasputin Warmind might return to the game in the form of an Exo Guardian to help them against Savathun. There are also theories that suggest the return of a SIVA-based season which would send fans into meltdown if it ever happened.

The Witch Queen DLC launches February 22, 2022.

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