Bugsnax Has Already Sold More Units Than Developer’s Previous Game Octodad

Bugsnax has only been on the market since November, but it’s already outsold Young Horses Games’ previous title Octodad. The announcement was made by studio president and co-founder, Philip Tibitoski, although official sales figures were not disclosed.

That’s an impressive feat on its own but, considering Bugsnax was included as a free PS+ game on PS5, it’s all the more incredible. Tibitoski mentions that there’s an NDA surrounding Bugsnax’s agreement to be included in the service, and it’s unlikely we’ll see specific figures anytime soon. He did mention, however, that being part of the service was “worth it.”

Bugsnax is a strange adventure game that sees you trying to capture the half-bug-half-snack creatures roaming around a mysterious island. The action plays out from a first-person perspective, and feeding Bugsnax to local “Grumpuses” will transform their bodies based on the type of Bugsnak they were fed. It’s a strange concept – and a wild journalism simulator – but critics and consumers alike seem to be enjoying the wacky adventure.

It was also recently revealed that the game’s ending was originally much darker than what made the final cut – full spoilers here.

Octodad, Young Horses Games’ previous project, was just as off-the-wall. It saw you take control of a humanoid octopus as you tried to make your way through mundane tasks without causing a scene. The studio has a penchant for taking absurd concepts and somehow making them work – and we’re excited to see whatever it jumps into next.

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