Browser-Based AirConsole Giving Free Access To All Games For COVID Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine continues, but at least now you can access some free games through your browser thanks to AirConsole.

Quarantine rules are ramping up across the country as we all try to flatten the curve in the fight against COVID-19. That means staying indoors and not going outside as much as possible. It’s enough to start making people a little stir-crazy, especially if they don’t already have an abundance of entertainment at home.

Lucky for us, even if you don’t have a gaming console or PC, you can now turn any old web browser into a gaming machine thanks to AirConsole. And they’re giving away 2-week subscriptions for free in order to combat the coronavirus.

AirConsole is a cloud-based gaming platform like Google Stadia, but whereas Google is trying to give you access to name-brand, AAA titles, AirConsole is just trying to keep things simple. They’ve got a library of 150 games that are all generic versions of classic titles, such as The Neighborhood, a knockoff of the classic Worms franchise, or Brawlanders, a Smash Bros. copycat.

The idea behind AirConsole is to provide multiplayer fun regardless of what hardware you have. All games run in your browser and a downloadable app turns your phone into a controller. It works the same way as the Jackbox games–just type in a code and you connect to your gaming session with your phone gaining simple touchscreen controls for the game you’ve selected. Since everyone has a phone and everyone has some sort of computer with a browser, anyone can play on AirConsole.

Normally, AirConsole is priced at $4.99 per month for access to their full library of games, but during the coronavirus pandemic, they’re offering promo codes for free access. Use promo code “919 2020” and you’ll get two whole weeks of free access to AirConsole’s services through their AirConsole Hero subscription program.

“We are taking the situation very seriously, and want to do what we can to help people pass time at home,” said AirConsole Head of Games Alice Ruppert in a statement. “Today we’ve decided to give everyone access to the full platform for free for two weeks. We know that a lot of people are affected by lockdowns and quarantines at the moment, and that many will be looking for new forms of entertainment.”

AirConsole isn’t going to replace your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but it might be a great option for older folks cooped up inside with nothing to do.

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