Bright Memory: Infinite – Combat Guide

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From operating heavy artillery to taking enemies out in stealth mode, the combat sequences in Bright Memory: Infinite cover a lot of ground. You'll need to have a firm grasp on your myriad weapons and their abilities if you want Shelia to save China from that grim black hole and the evil corporation trying to extort its powers.

Don't fret if you're feeling overwhelmed by the rapid-fire nature of Bright Memory: Infinite's combat sequence. This guide will explain the basics and give you some tips to help bend the game to your favour.

Flash Of The Blade

Guns and bullets aren't the only way to fight in Bright Memory: Infinite. Shelia's Lightblade is one of the strongest weapons in the game, especially for those fond of and used to melee combat styles.

Not only can your blade deflect bullets and send them ricocheting back to your opponent, but it can be upgraded using Reliquaries to unlock abilities such as Blade Slash and Aerial Slash.

The Lightblade is useful for enemies who are standing close by or who frequently make use of powerful ranged attacks, such as the Tian Yu Emperor's fire-lashings. You can levitate enemies with a quick swipe to render them helpless as you lacerate them from below, a truly powerful move when used on your evil human counterparts.

Ranged Rover

Even if you have yet to unlock the sniper rifle, all the guns in this game are pretty effective at shooting a distant target – even the shotgun!

Before launching yourself around a corner, aim down the sights on your gun and see if you can pick off an enemy hiding on a far-off structure. It's important to keep yourself behind cover as you do so since enemies only spawn when you cross a certain boundary, meaning that if you can see them, they can probably see you too.

Because enemies don't spawn until you stand in a certain place, you won't be able to snipe them down through an octagonal window before the fight sequences begin. Instead, quickly cross into an enemy's line of sight before rushing back to the window, taking cover behind the wall before picking them off one by one.

Healthy Stealth

There is a mandatory stealth chapter in Bright Memory: Infinite, wherein Shelia must grab a meat cleaver to fend for herself when an electromagnetic overcharge renders her weapons unusable.

During this sequence, the game tells you that getting discovered means an instant Game Over. However, that isn't exactly true.

This sequence requires you to lay low and crouch as you move, hiding in tufts of grass and behind walls in order to stay hidden and make it safely through the enemy-infested territory.

If you are careless and accidentally get discovered, you can quickly whack your foe with the knife to neutralise them. As long as there are no other enemies around, your Danger meter will drop back down, and you will be able to proceed through the level with relative ease.

Don't feel the need to kill every enemy during this stealth chapter. A lot of the time, you can simply slip past the soldiers faster than you could do if you stopped to give them all the pork chop.

The Ol' Run-Around

There are no health items to pick up in Bright Memory: Infinite. Instead, your health bar will regenerate over time if you manage to avoid taking damage for numerous seconds.

If you find yourself struggling during a combat sequence, give your enemies a good run-around as your health bar replenishes. Turning and running from them without stopping is the only way to heal up sometimes, especially if you find yourself surrounded to the point where hiding behind a wall or inside a house becomes a useless strategy.

To deal some damage even as you turn tail, try launching a Sticky Bomb – your sniper rifle's special ammo type – onto a couple of enemies before you leg it in the other direction. Everyone knows that cool people always have their backs to big explosions, after all.


With so many combat maneuvres at your fingertips, many people forget about the all-important Dodge ability.

Move quickly out of an enemy's path by either Dodging an attack or running and sliding away from them. This is also a great way to duck from bullets and fiery projectiles.

This move goes hand-in-hand with the above tip to help you replenish your health. A good general trick for this game is to never, ever stop moving – or if you do, mind where you step. You never know when a grenade will get chucked in your direction.

General Tips And Tricks

  • Pay attention to the ammo types at each checkpoint! If the game is suddenly giving you stacks of special AR bullets, or too many handgun clips to carry, this is a clear hint that these guns will come to be especially useful to you in your next fight.
  • Kill everyone to activate the next checkpoint. The checkpoint HUD disappears from view when Shelia becomes embroiled in combat. These sections of the game essentially lock you into a battle arena of sorts, meaning that you can't go forward or back until you eliminate all enemies.
  • Don't rely on your Exo Unit Arm. Though it's incredibly cool, the Exo electromagnetic manipulation device attached to your arm won't always be your saving grace. Not only will it be useless against heavily-armoured foes, but it will only slow you down to keep charging and punching enemies who are resistant to it. Swap to your blade and bullets when in doubt.

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