Breath Of The Wild: 10 Recipes Everyone Should Know How To Cook

Breath of the Wild redefined The Legend of Zelda in more ways than one. From its open world to completely non-linear structure, BotW called back to an era of gaming the medium had long since forgotten. Player freedom once again became the series’ modus operandi, with Breath of the Wild allowing Link to save the world at the player’s own pace.

Along with getting rid of traditional dungeons and equipment, Breath of the Wild also removes Bottles as they once were. Link now has to rely on cooking to restore health, but the mechanic actually offers a wide range of recipes with unique effects. Cooking was such a foundational part of Breath of the Wild, it even returned in Age of Calamity.

Gourmet Meat Curry

Gourmet Meat Curry restores 20 full Hearts, arguably more than any one player should need during gameplay. On Master Mode, however, having quick access to high tier healing goes a long way during harder encounters.

  • Raw Gourmet Meat x 3
  • Hylian Rice
  • Goron Spice

Raw Gourmet Meat is dropped by Water Buffalos, Snowcoat Foxes, and Maraudo Wolves. Hylian Rice can be purchased in Hateno Village or by cutting grass. Goron Spice can be purchased at the Goron Gusto Shop in Goron City or from Traveling Merchant Yammo.

Enduring Meat Curry

A helping of Enduring Meat Curry not only restores 8 full Hearts, but overfills Link’s Stamina Wheel. Endura Carrots can be farmed at the Hyrule Ridge or Faron Grasslands.

  • Endura Carrot
  • Raw Meat
  • Hylian Rice
  • Goron Spice

Raw Meat can be easily farmed at the Great Plateau from just about any animal. Hylian Rice can be bought in Hateno Village or found by cutting grass. Goron Spice can be purchased in Goron City or from Traveling Merchant Yammo.

Energizing Honey Candy

Energizing Honey Candy is an extremely useful recipe that restores 18 Hearts along with 4/5 of Link’s Stamina Wheel.

  • Courser Bee Honey x 5

Courser Bee Honey isn’t too common to come by, but beehives can be found in abundance on the Great Plateau (or at least with greater consistency than other regions.) Simply cut down any honeycombs in sight and Link will pick up Courser Bee Honey. For guaranteed honeycombs, head to Rutile Lake or Uten Marsh.

Enduring Steamed Mushrooms

Stamina goes a long way in Breath of the Wild, so it helps to know a number of stamina based dishes. Enduring Steamed Mushrooms recover 14 full Hearts, restores an entire Stamina Wheel, and overfills another.

  • Endura Shroom x 3
  • Endura Carrot x 2

As mentioned, Endura Carrots can be farmed at either Hyrule Ridge or Faron Grasslands. Endura Shrooms can be easily found north of the Central Tower in Hyrule Field, within Dalite Forest, and underneath assorted huts in Lurelin Village.

Spicy Steamed Mushrooms

Spicy Steamed Mushrooms restore 8 full Hearts, but more importantly keep Link warm in cold temperatures for exactly 30 minutes.

  • Sunshroom x 3
  • Warm Safflina
  • Shard of Farosh’s Horn

Sunshrooms can be purchased in Gerudo Town and Warm Safflina can be found by & around the Great Fairy Fountain in Gerudo Desert. Shard of Farosh’s Horn can only be obtained by sniping the dragon Farosh in his horn. Farosh flies over Lake Floria around noon each day.

Chilly Fruit And Mushroom Mix

One serving of Chilly Fruit and Mushroom Mix restores 7 of Link’s Hearts and keeps him cool in hot temperatures for exactly half an hour.

  • Chillshroom x 7
  • Hydromelon
  • Shard of Farosh’s Horn

Chillshrooms can be found in abundance at the Naydra Snowfield, in the Hebra region, and the Gerudo Highlands. Hydromelons can be purchased at the Kara Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Desert. For another horn, just camp out at Lake Floria until noon and shoot Farosh’s horn.

Electro Fish Skewer

The Electro Fish Skewer heals a whopping 27 and 3/4 Hearts while also offering Electricity resistance for 30 minutes – perfect for exploring Vah Naboris and the Gerudo region.

  • Voltfin Trout x 2
  • Fairy x 2
  • Shard of any Dragon’s Horn

Voltfin Trout can be caught in Totori Lake and Zora River. Fairies can be found roaming around Great Fairy Fountains, where Link can catch some so long as he’s slowly grouching. Since any Dragon’s Horn works with the recipe, keep hunting Farosh’s horn at noon.

Hasty Simmered Fruit

Hasty Simmered Fruit restores 7 of Link’s Hearts while offering the highest tier speed boost for 30 full minutes, allowing for players to run through Hyrule faster than ever.

  • Fleet Lotus Seeds x 4
  • Shard of any Dragon’s Horn

Fleet Lotus Seeds can be found at and around Rutile Lake while any Dragon’s Horn works for the recipe. With that in mind, stick with Farosh. 

Hearty Steamed Meat

One serving of Hearty Steamed Meat not only fully recovers all of Link’s health, it gives him 20 temporary Heart Containers – more than enough to tank the hardest challenges in Breath of the Wild.

  • Big Hearty Radish x 4
  • Raw Prime Meat

Big Hearty Radishes can be easily found around Wetland Stables and in the Akkala Highlands. Raw Prime Meat reliably drops from Grizzlemaw & Honeyvore Bears, Tabantha Moose, Cold-Footed & Maraudo Wolves, Mountain Doe & Bucks, and Red-Rusked Boars.

Sneaky Fried Wild Greens

The Sneaky Fried Wild Greens restore neary 23 Hearts of Health while also offering Link a high level stealth buff for half an hour – a must have recipe for sneaky players.

  • Silent Princess x 3
  • Fairy
  • Shard of Farosh’s Horn

Silent Princesses can be found on the hills overlooking Kakariko Village, by most Fairy Fountains, and around the Master Sword’s pedestal. Fairies can be easily caught at Fairy Fountains, and Farosh’s Horn comfortably farmed at Lake Floria.

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