Boyfriend Dungeon Is Getting Three New Romances With Secret Weapons Update

Boyfriend Dungeon is set to get a huge update, with the free Secret Weapons DLC coming this summer. Secret Weapons will add three more weapons/potential partners for those of you who still haven't found your perfect match, or just want an excuse to revisit the dungeon crawler.

Jonah the Axe and Leah the Hammer will play like traditional romance options, but Dr. Holmes the Whip is unique in that they're a romanceable villain. Dr. Holmes, therefore, also brings in a new boss fight, which is also accompanied by a brand new dungeon.

Dr. Holmes was designed by Ghostwire: Tokyo director Ikumi Nakamura, who said it was an "honour" to collaborate with the Boyfriend Dungeon team for the Secret Weapons update.

"The character was created through conversations with Tanya [Kitfox Captain and Lead Designer] and the team, and several ideas were developed and vetted", explains Nakamura. "It was an honour to be involved in a game with such a diverse worldview as Boyfriend Dungeon. "

Going by she/they pronouns, Dr. Holmes adds to Boyfriend Dungeon's already diverse cast. And if they're still not interesting enough, they'll be voiced by Twitch streamer and Fortnite player, Loserfruit.

But if the idea of dating a whip that you fight in a boss battle isn't doing it for you, Jonah and Leah will also be available, having been teased for some time. Jonah, who is already in the game, will also have his role expanded, so he plays a more active role in the story should he steal your heart.

On top of all this new content, Secret Weapons will also add three new music tracks to join our new paramours. We don't have much info on these just yet, but with the update likely just around the corner, we shouldn't have to wait much longer.

Secret Weapons doesn't have a specific release date just yet, but will be launching sometime this summer if everything goes according to plan.

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