Both Cyberpunk 2077 And Spider-Man: Miles Morales Feature Subtle Always Sunny Easter Eggs

Both Cyberpunk and Miles Morales are jam-packed with easter eggs, but hat-tips to Always Sunny were not something we expected to find in either game.

For a lot of people, playing a video game requires nothing more than playing its story from start to finish. However, others want more. Whether that be completing all of a game’s side quests, winning all of its trophies, or discovering all of its easter eggs. That last one is trickier in some cases than others, and there may be gifts from developers in some games that are never found.

Some of the most fun easter eggs to be found in games are ones that reference other titles. Hints that the game you’re playing might actually be in the same universe as another. Astro’s Playroom did a terrific job of that and features more references to PlayStation’s rich history than you can shake a DualSense controller at.

Cyberpunk 2077 and Spider-Man: Miles Morales are two recent releases packed with easter eggs. Most point to other games, or other corners of the Marvel universe for Spidey. However, we were very surprised to discover that both games feature easter eggs related to hit TV show It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. No wonder the gang just got renewed for four more seasons.

Chances are anyone who has played even a little of Miles Morales will have seen, or heard, the Always Sunny surprise and not even realized. “Lost cat, eh? Okay, okay, now you’re talking my language. I know this game,” Miles says during the Lost Cat side mission. The hero is paraphrasing Always Sunny’s Charlie Day when he is tasked with removing a cat from Dee’s wall. “Cat in the wall, eh? Okay, now you’re talking my language. I know this game,” is what Charlie says in the show.

The Cyberpunk easter egg is a little more risque, and also one many players might have missed. It comes in the form of an email that is riddled with references to Always Sunny. The email is to a person who has been banned from a dating site for showing a part of their anatomy that they shouldn’t have. The user’s screen name is GoldenGod215. Not only is that a reference to the nickname Dennis Reynolds has given himself, but 215 is the Philadelphia area code. There are a number of other slightly tweaked nods to Always Sunny throughout the message.

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