Borderlands 3: Where To Find The Facepuncher Gun

Borderlands 3 has a lot of legendary weapons waiting to drop at all corners of its world, but only one fires the power of melee attacks: the Facepuncher gun. Borderlands 3 prides itself on having thousands upon thousands of weapon types, and players might find themselves coming across this weapon as a rare drop. GameRant reports that Handsome Jackie, however, has the biggest drop rate for the Facepuncher in the game. As a reminder, players should farm this at level 53, the current max level, or the gun will eventually become obsolete.

The Facepuncher is a legendary shotgun from the Hyperion company. Its special attack, “Make your own jackhammer” increases causes it to deal melee damage and increase the power of the player’s basic, melee attacks. Because melees can’t crit, unfortunately, neither can the gun.

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To farm the Facepuncher more efficiently, find Handsome Jackie on Promethea at Skywell-27. She’ll be at the observation deck right below, but it might take quite a few tries to get the weapon to drop, and even more tries to get a good one. Borderlands 3 weapons come with random abilities, after all– it might take one drop or fifty to get a gun that suits a particular playstyle.

The Facepuncher would probably be canonically best for Amara given her tendency to punch things, but it can also be enhanced with any Eridium artifacts that increase the power of melee attacks.

There is one way to get around the gun’s inability to crit, and that’s the Eridium artifact White Elephant. Not only do melee attacks (ergo, the gun) have a 30% to attach a sticky bomb, but it also has increased luck, additional effects such as corrosive elements and allows the gun to crit through its sticky bomb explosions. This information comes from Joltzdude139 on YouTube. Another choice artifact is Unleash the Dragon, which both increases melee damage and provides a 100% chance for incendiary melees.

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