Borderlands 3 Runs At 120fps In Performance Mode On PS5 And Xbox Series X

It’s been about a week since Borderlands 3 got its next-gen debut on the Xbox Series X and a few days since it’s been out on the PS5. We knew courtesy of Gearbox marketing that the big sell on both consoles would be 4K resolution at 60fps, but neither console mentioned an available Performance Mode that would allow up to 120fps on screens presenting at 1080p.

Performance Mode gives exactly that. Of course, you still need to have a TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz in order to get the full benefit of 120fps, but gaming monitors typically provide a higher refresh rate than televisions, so maybe hook your next-gen console up to your monitor instead. Otherwise, you can still play at 4K at 60fps, which is still way better than what Borderlands 3 was doing on previous-gen consoles.

In addition to the fancy graphics, Borderlands 3 on next-gen offers improved two-player splitscreen co-op that lets you choose between a vertical or horizontal split. Although, we should note that some players are reporting dropped frames if you play splitscreen at 4K, but no dropped frames for splitscreen at 1080p. There’s also room for up to four players in local co-op.

In other Borderlands news, the second Season Pass arrived last week with the Designer’s Cut, giving each character in Borderlands 3 a brand new skill tree to play with. Axton and Salvador also returned to provide the Vault Hunters with a brand new game mode called Arms Race which combines elements of battle royale games with a roguelike dash for loot that you then use to kill a boss at the center of the map.

Our own Jamie Latour was lukewarm to the DLC, arguing that it felt more like it should have been a free update rather than something that people pay for. Then again, with the second Season Pass, it looks like Gearbox is trying to pivot Borderlands to a live-service game rather than a one-and-done premium title.

The next DLC isn’t scheduled to arrive until the spring of 2021, so fans will have to get the most out of that new game mode until then.

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