Borderlands 3: How To Find And Beat Spiderants

The Borderlands creatures known as spiderants (as well as their smaller, younger spiderling siblings) were in no short supply when it came to the first two mainline entries of this franchise. However, these burrowing critters tend to be a little harder to come by in Borderlands 3.

But where specifically can they be found? This guide will cover these locales, as well as how to most effectively slay these pesky critters once they are located.

Spiderant Locations

Naturally, the best place to find spiderants and their eggs would be Pandora.

Spiderant eggs can specifically be found for the purpose of completing the Just Desserts quest in Devil’s Razor.

These glowing orange sacs — and the spiderants themselves — are lurking in a cave in the southwest region of Pandora’s Splinterlands. From the southern fast travel station (Chop Shop), head directly to the west until you find a cave. In the cave, there will be a nest that’s crawling with a number of spiderant types, including rooks, warriors, and the rather tough queen.

Devil’s Razor itself has quite a few of them, too. Locate the large statue at Roland’s Rest and head north from there. You’ll find an area that sits near the center of the map, just north of the bridge, where a cluster of nests can be found. Specifically, the nests lie beneath the bridge. You can also travel to the Boomtown station and head eastward, following a street that leads to the area.

Castle Crimson from DLC campaign 4 is also home to several of them — specifically near the entrance and near SpongeBoss BulletPants. They’ll be fairly easy to spot, as they’ll be lurking along the linear pathways in this area.

Spiderant Traits To Keep In Mind

  • Spiderants often burrow underground, and typically lurk in flat, open areas.
  • They are aggressive and will scurry towards you upon emerging from the ground. Be prepared to back up and time the fire that weapon just as they’re approaching and close to striking.
  • Spiderants are protected in the front by an armored carapace, which shields their bulbous bodies and lower legs. Hitting these areas will only inflict a fraction of the baseline damage, so it’s best to avoid them more often than not
  • Specifically, shots to armored areas will only do about 0.1-0.2 x the baseline damage. Shots to the upper limbs will do 0.75 x.
  • Shooting the body — a small portion of exposed flesh between the head and abdomen — will inflict regular (1.0) damage.
  • Shooting the abdomen will grant significant critical hits. This is what should usually be aimed for.

Tips And Tactics For Spiderant Slaying

  • If struggling to hit the abdomen, aim for the head first, as hitting it will disorient and stagger the spiderant for a bit. This will trigger the exposing of the vulnerable abdomen, which allows for criticals that are fairly easy to pile up.
  • The one-two punch of shotguns makes them ideal for the unique patterns and behaviors of spiderants. Combat rifles are also effective as they can quickly disorient and then pummel the posterior to rake in the criticals.
  • When the situation allows for striking the abdomen more frequently and easily, snipers and revolvers are also good choices.
  • Elemental damage can also be used to chip away at their armor over time, without having to worry about the aiming and timing of getting criticals. Keep in mind that corrosive does little to affect them despite their “armor.”
  • Sprint quickly to the left or right of them, so you can circle around and do damage on the abdomen more effectively.
  • For larger spiderants, focus on shooting the upper fringe of the armored head while continuing to back up. Doing so will likely register some shots as criticals.

Target these locations and implement these tactics, and you’ll no doubt be a spiderant exterminator.

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