Blizzard GearFest Continues With A Massive Drop Of New Apparel and More

Blizzard GearFest is in full swing with a second round of brand new products now available on the Blizzard Gear Store. While the additions on mainly clothing and apparel focused, there are some notable new collectibles on offer as well.

Every Blizzard franchise from Starcraft to Hearthstone has something new for fans during the first GearFest. Blizzard is building hype Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 with some awesome new shirts and hoodies that feature the logos and designs from the upcoming games. Check out a few of the new options below:

Starcraft 2 support may have just officially ended last month, but there is plenty of new apparel available for Starcraft fans to show support for the franchise.

Of course, the next World of Warcraft expansion, Shadowlands, is only a week away. In anticipation for the release, Blizzard has created some fresh new gear for main antagonist of Shadowlands, The Jailer, and the Lich King himself Bolvar Fordragon.

Blizzard GearFest is live right now on the Blizzard Gear Store website. They’re offering 25% off on all order if you use the promo code LEGEND25 at checkout. While you’re there, check out Small World of Warcraft, a fantastic WoW-themed board game that we recently reviewed.

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