BioShock Netflix Movie Adaptation To Be Helmed By Hunger Games Director Francis Lawrence

Netflix has revealed the director and scriptwriter for its upcoming movie adaption of BioShock.

Announced via the official Netflix Twitter account, the company has revealed that the project will be helmed by Francis Lawrence, whose previous work includes I Am Legend, Slumberland, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. It also announced in the same tweet that the BioShock movie will feature a script written by Michael Green, who has also written scripts for movies such as Logan, Blade Runner 2049, and American Gods. That's some serious talent and a sign that Netflix certainly isn't skimping out on the adaptation.

Netflix didn't reveal any more info like the actors involved or when we can expect it to hit the service, but the company has used several images of a Big Daddy and a Little Sister in the underwater city of Rapture to promote it, so we can safely assume that the movie won't tie into BioShock Infinite.

In case you missed the initial announcement back in February, Netflix is making a BioShock movie but has refrained from telling us whether it's a straight adaptation or if it's just set in the game's world. The company is working with both 2K and Take-Two Interactive on the adaptation, although neither the game's developer Irrational Games nor series creator Ken Levine is involved as far as we know.

You'd think that the movie will feature a standalone story set in Rapture rather than a retread of the first game's plot, what with most people already knowing the game's big twist. One of the reason's why BioShock is so memorable is because of that one moment and the movie would likely fail to have the same impact on a lot of people should Netflix try to do it again. Still, it's a new BioShock project, and that in itself is a reason to be excited.

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