Biomutant: Should You Join The Jagni Or Myriad Tribe?

One of the first big decisions you have to make in Biomutant is whether to team up with the Jagni or Myriad Tribe. It’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, as it sets your objective for the rest of the game – and has serious consequences on your ending.

If you’re not sure which Tribe to side with, here’s what you need to know about both the Jagni Tribe and Myriad Tribe in Biomutant.

Note: This post contains early-game spoilers regarding both Tribes.

Biomutant: Picking The Myriad Tribe

Joining the Myriad Tribe is akin to picking the “Good” route in Biomutant. They are convinced that the best way to save the world is to unite the tribes, destroy the Worldeaters, and save the Tree of Life.

If you ally with the Myriad Tribe, here’s what happens:

  • Save the Tree of Life is set as the game’s end goal.
  • After defeating Rival Sifus, you’ll only be able to Unite or Subdue them.

In short – ally with the Myriad if you’re looking to do a “Good” playthrough. Despite the world being in shambles, the tribe remains optimistic that there is good inside everyone and uniting all creatures is the key to survival.

Biomutant: Picking The Jagni Tribe

If you’d rather play a darker version of Biomutant, you’ll want to side with the Jagni Tribe. This group of warriors believes the weak must be destroyed if the world is going to survive – and they want to let the Worldeaters destroy the Tree of Life.

Aligning yourself with the Jagni Tribe will have the following consequences:

  • Destroy the Tree of Life is set as the game’s end goal.
  • After defeating Rival Sifus, you’ll only be able to Subdue or Vanquish them.

The Jagni Tribe isn’t for the faint of heart. Despite their bleak outlook on life, they’re still keen on saving the world – instead of saving everyone currently alive, however, they believe only the powerful should exist in the new world they’re seeking to create.

Choosing Jagni Or Myriad Isn’t The End Of The Story

While joining a tribe is one of the first big decisions you’ll make in Biomutant, it isn’t the end of the story. During your journey to save – or destroy – the Tree of Life, you’ll stumble upon dozens of other characters that need your help. How you interact with them will impact your Aura, which functions as a Karma System.

Do good things for those around you, and you’ll come to be liked by the inhabitants of Biomutant. Continually work against them, and you’ll be reviled. And just because you’ve sided with a “Good” or “Evil” tribe doesn’t mean you’re locked into a specific Aura. It’s still possible to have a Dark Aura when allied with the Myriad or a Light Aura with the Jagni.

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