Biomutant: Best Vehicles

Biomutant's map is approximately 6.5 km from top to bottom, and stretches 5 km from side to side. Figuring out fast and convenient ways to travel around in the game is one of the many challenges you'll face, and while it's certainly possible to walk everywhere, that takes time and often is not the ideal approach. Not to mention, some places in the game require the protection of a vehicle or simply cannot be accessed on foot.

Fortunately, a handful of vehicles exist in Biomutant that you can use. While some are unlocked as part of the campaign, others require you to do a bit of exploring. Some vehicles are also substantially better for getting around than others. This article considers the best vehicles that you can obtain while playing Biomutant.

5/5 Googlide

East of the Chugyard in Surfipelago you can find Goop, an otter in wet gear. He informs you that his vehicle can help you fight enemies. After a short mission that involves repairing the Googlide, you can use it as a vehicle that resembles a jet ski. Without it, you will quickly drown in deep water, and by going to Gum Quack Hollow you can further increase the specs. You'll also be able to attack with your main ranged weapon while riding it.

You can collect nine Wrekboxes to fully upgrade the Googlide, which can be a tremendous help in fighting Porky Puff. It allows you to travel across all contaminated water on the map and has a grappling hook, which means you can reach a lot of inaccessible locations — and can even reach the Pri Murgel Sword, perhaps the best weapon in the game. The Googlide is one vehicle in Biomutant that absolutely should not be missed.

4/5 Mekanofingro

Unlocking vehicles is a more time-intensive and potentially challenging process than taming mounts. The Mekanofingro is a neat vehicle because it operates like a normal mount, but comes with both a melee and ranged attack. As a result, the Mekanofingro is best thought of as the only hybrid vehicle/mount in Biomutant. It looks like a large steampunk version of a mechanical hand that you can sit on to travel throughout the map.

You can find Whiz at the Surgesurf Factory in the Fnackyleaves biome. He is hard at work on the Octopod, which he wants to be used to defeat the Murk Puff. You will need to locate a Tugtwister before the Octopod can be accessed, and after completing several quests for Whiz, you can use the Mekanofingro. The vehicle offers two main types of attacks, and while it might not be the most convenient vehicle in the game, it’s definitely a unique experience.

3/5 Pee-Wee Gargantua

To obtain the Pee-Wee Gargantua, you will need to locate a rat named Gill, who can be found on the Burblebottom dock in the northwest. He gives you a mission, Clean Surf, in which you will need to protect Gill and defeat a level 36 boss. Afterward, you'll unlock the Pee-Wee Gargantua, allowing you to use this vehicle instead of swimming places. It's quick, and also immune to contaminated water.

Until you fully upgrade the Googlide, the Pee-Wee Gargantua is a great choice for a vehicle. You'll be able to use ranged weapons while riding it, and you can summon it to any water location in the game.

2/5 Batnam-Nam

The cute and entertaining-to-ride Batnam-Nam is a gliding vehicle that can be unlocked to help you reach the Fnackyleaves and Knupstonies biomes. It's an easy one to miss, though. You'll need to complete a quest for Pebbles, who is a reddish-colored animal of uncertain species. He is found at Knack Hill, and you'll have to answer several questions in order to locate various climbing zip lines and points of interest throughout the map. After completing these objectives, you will receive a final task that requires you to scale a nearby mountain. The Batnam-Nam is found at top of the mountain.

Not only does the Batnam-Nam let you reach certain locations that would otherwise be inaccessible, but you can also use ranged attacks while riding the vehicle. It cuts down on travel times, and you can also attack enemies below while gliding. There are a few limitations, including that you can only activate it when you jump from the ground. Other setbacks are that the vehicle cannot be upgraded, and moves slower than regular mounts.

1/5 Octopod

The Octopod is a sub-aquatic vehicle that lets you dive and move underwater. To access it, you must help Whiz Tinkertonker fix it, firstly by obtaining the Mekafingro for him. Then you must visit Chu-Chu and complete his quest, which grants you the Grease-Sprinkler. Returning to Whiz, he'll ask you to visit Gill and retrieve Guppos, which can be used to divert the attention of Murk Puff.

After beating the Murk Puff, you can use the Octopod in any other water-based part of the Biomutant map. The Octopod controls in a manner similar to the movements of your characters and you can jump, dodge, or fire weapons while in combat. Its roll mechanic is highly useful in avoiding enemies' attacks, but like other vehicles on this list, it cannot be upgraded.

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