Best Marvel Funko Pops: Baby Groot, Deadpool The Duck, Casual Thor, And More

Over the last decade, Funko has mined Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to produce a staggeringly large collection of Vinyl Pops. All told, more than 600 Marvel-themed Funkos have been released since 2011, and plenty more are on the way, including Pops based on the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. Marvel heroes have led the charge for Funko, helping to turn the beady-eyed figures into a worldwide phenomenon. Naturally, the sheer volume of Marvel Pops can make it hard to pick and choose which ones are worth adding to your shelf. This isn’t Pokemon; you don’t need to collect ’em all. We looked at every Marvel Pop in existence and whittled the collection down to the 20 best Marvel Funko Pops.

We strove to choose characters across a wide array of Marvel franchises to avoid repetition. I could’ve filled a a big chunk of the list with Baby Groot, but I practiced self control. Instead, you’ll find a sampler platter of Pops that will hopefully point you in the direction of a few new figures to add to your collection. This list will be added to over time as more Marvel Pops release.

Best Marvel Funko Pops

Stan Lee (Patina) #7 | $10

Without Stan Lee, it’s hard to say what Marvel would look like today. It’s also a safe bet that many of the Marvel Funko Pops available today wouldn’t even exist. So, it’s fitting to kick off this list with a Funko Pop celebrating the late comic book icon. The patina finish makes this Stan Lee Pop look like a miniature bronze statue.

Iron Spider with Nano Gauntlet #574 | $12.49

There are far more Spider-Man Funko Pops than any one Spidey fan probably needs, so honing in on the best one isn’t an easy task. The Iron Spider Armor suit with the Nano Gauntlet attached turned Tom Holland’s Peter Parker into, well, a machine for fighting baddies in Avengers: Endgame. It takes the prize as the best Spider-Man Pop for two reasons: it hails from an iconic scene in Endgame, and it simply looks incredibly cool.

Captain America with Broken Shield & Mjolnir #573 | $10

Steve Rogers picking up Thor’s Mjolnir hammer was easily one of the most surprising moments not just in Endgame, but throughout the entire MCU. It came at an important moment and helped turn the tides in the battle against Thanos. Captain America is worthy of Mjolnir, and this Funko Pop celebrating his most iconic moment is worthy of a place on your shelf. The fact that he’s holding his broken shield makes it an even more interesting Pop. I’d say this Pop is one of the best conversation starters, too. You and your friends can partake in heated debates about what it means to be “worthy” of Mjolnir.

Baby Groot #202 | $9

Prior to Baby Yoda’s arrival in The Mandalorian, Baby Groot was the cutest baby creature in existence. He’s still extremely adorable. There’s not much more that needs to be said about the greatest guardian of the galaxy. Just look at how cute he is as a Funko Pop.

Hulk Buster #294 | $14.11

Appropriately super-sized, Hulk Buster from Avengers: Infinity War is a six-inch Pop that looks more like a regular action figure than a conventional vinyl Pop. A vital weapon in the fight against Thanos at the Battle of Wakanda, the Hulk Buster stands out as one of the coolest power suits created by Tony Stark.

Rocket with Groot #211 | $25

Is it cheating to include a second Funko Pop featuring Baby Groot? Rocket Raccoon holding dual pistols is a fun enough Pop by itself, but look at Baby Groot hanging onto his buddy’s head. The contrast between Rocket’s serious face and Baby Groot’s joyful grin is pretty funny, too.

Gold Doctor Strange #439 | $12.95

The mystical Stephen Strange feels like one of the most fitting candidates for a gold Funko Pop, and this Doctor Strange Funko, though simplistic, doesn’t disappoint. I especially like the rigid pattern on his cape and sash. Gold Doctor Strange is part of the Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary Pop collection and comes with a plastic protective case.

GwenPool #197 | $10.92

GwenPool is Wade Wilson meets Gwen Stacy. Marvel created her character in 2015 after Spider-Gwen proved popular. Although GwenPool has her own comic series and has appeared in numerous video games, she hasn’t arrived in the MCU or X-Men film series. That said, she’s one of the most interesting recently created characters under the Marvel umbrella, and this Pop perfectly depicts her style.

Wolverine #547 | $6.25

Sometimes it’s a treat to go back to the beginning and see where it all started. This Pop figure portrays Wolverine’s first appearance, which came in The Incredible Hulk #180 in 1974. Though not a retro collectible by any means, this Wolverine Pop certainly looks pulled straight from the panels of old comics rather than 21st-century movies–and that’s pretty neat, if you ask me.

Thanos Snap Deluxe #556 | $23.22

A Marvel Funko Pop list wouldn’t be complete without the Mad Titan, and this six-inch, super sized Pop depicts Thanos’ most infamous moment: the finger snap that wiped out a significant portion of the world’s population after he secured all six Infinity Stones. While that catastrophic Infinity War moment may have made you a bit weepy, you have to admit that this Pop is pretty darn cool. Look at the statue made of skulls!

Deadpool the Duck #230 | $28.95

Much like Gwenpool, Deadpool the Duck is an amalgamation of two heroes: Deadpool, of course, and Howard the Duck. The result is a zany five-issue arc that originally released in 2017. Deadpool the Duck is both adorable and ultra-violent. He’s a conundrum, really. The Walgreens-excluisve Pop is hard to come by, but you can still find it at Amazon. In the comics, he likes both swords and guns, but only his trusty blades are included here.

Black Widow #604 | $10

Black Widow will finally get her own feature film on April 24, so naturally Funko is releasing new Black Widow Pops. Black Widow wearing her white suit really stands out. It releases March 13 and is available to pre-order now.

Classic Spider-Woman #392 | $20

A 2018 New York Comic-Con exclusive, this Spider-Woman Pop depicts the classic heroine in her original suit, which makes it quite cool. Sony announced an animated feature film starring Spider-Woman in late 2018, but no release date has been set. It’s safe to say more Spider-Woman Pops will be made when the movie hits theaters, but it’ll be hard to top the design of the classic look.

Captain Marvel #459 | $5.26

Captain Marvel, the heroine who played a major role in saving the world in Avengers: Endgame, has a fittingly stoic pose in this Endgame-themed Pop. This isn’t the only Carol Danvers Pop available, but it has the best design.

Nebula #456 | $6.25

Out of all of the heroes in the MCU, I don’t think any of them has had it as rough as Nebula, one of Thanos’ adopted daughters who gets subjected to all sorts of terrible treatment. Nebula also has one of the most interesting character designs as a part-cyborg. That design is on display in this awesome Endgame Pop. Just please keep her away from any Thanos Pops you may own.

Casual Thor #479 | $6.25

For the vast majority of the three Thor films and Avengers movies, Thor is a thunder-creating god who seems appropriately otherworldly. In Endgame, however, we meet pizza-loving, sunglass-wearing, beer-belly-having Thor. Casual Thor is extremely relatable, and this Funko Pop captures his laidback look to perfection. It’s also a constant reminder that Casual Thor looks like he is the lead singer of an ’80s hair band.

Iron Man – Avengers Assemble Series #584 | $20

The first Pop in the Avengers Assemble series, this Iron Man figure is awesome because of what it represents. The Avengers Assemble series recreates the poses from the first Avengers movie when the team begins fighting alongside one another. It’s closer to a super sized Pop, as it stands at 5.5 inches tall and has a 5-inch wide base. The remaining five figures in the Avengers Assemble Series will release throughout 2020, exclusively at Amazon.

Black Panther #130 | $13.49

Based off of his debut appearance in Captain America: Civil War, this Black Panther Funko Pop is certainly simple. There’s nothing fancy about it, but then again, Black Panther doesn’t need to strike a pose to look cool.

Star Lord #198 | $12.49

Maybe it’s just because I know Chris Pratt is Star Lord, but this Funko Pop really does resemble Chris Pratt, right? That’s no small feat considering many Pops have a similar style. Wearing casual clothes and holding a blaster in each hand, Star Lord is certifiably awesome. I especially like how one eyebrow is raised, making it look like Pratt is either confused or judging you.

Hank Pym #343 | $9.95

Ant-Man and the Wasp is my personal favorite movie in the MCU, and the Ant-Man suit pops more than most superhero suits donned by heroes. For a Funko Pop, there’s a lot of detail, and the red visor definitely stands out. Hank Pym is also probably more comfortable standing as a 3.75-inch figure than other heroes.

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