Battlefield 2042: The Hardest Xbox Achievements To Unlock In The Game

Battlefield 2042 has been on a rather interesting path since releasing to the most mixed criticism for a Battlefield title to date. The game has many aspects and mechanics that players enjoy, that are surrounded by issues that the developers are working hard at correcting and improving.

In the meantime, there are plenty of achievements to unlock, with some being much easier than others. A lot of times in games it's a matter of simply committing to them, but in some instances, it's about knowing shortcuts or workarounds. Why work harder, when you can work smarter?

8 Doctor Falck In The House

An achievement like 'Doctor Falck In The House' should let you know it will revolve around healing, and sure enough, it does. You must heal 3000 points of damage with Falck's S21 Syrette Pistol in a single round of multiplayer.

Sure, this can be done with a solid player group, but thankfully there are more than a handful of Portal creations you can access that allows you to friendly fire bot teammates and heal them with the Syrette Pistol. In most scenarios, you can unlock this achievement in under five minutes or so.

7 B Gun's Dry

The achievement 'B Gun's Dry' requires you, in a single round, to deal 2500 damage to opponents using a Boris' SG-36 Sentry Gun while defending objectives. If you're naturally a great objective mode player then you might get this one organically, but for everyone else, it's important to remember that the Portal is the gift that keeps on giving.

Most of the maps made to secure this achievement take place in the Conquest mode and you'll simply have to capture the point near where you spawn, place the Boris' turret and fire away. A well-built version of this can have you popping 'B Gun's Dry' in less than three minutes.

6 Universal Soldier

Grinding in video games is nothing new and at first glance, it seems that the 'Universal Soldier' achievement was created by leveraging this behavior. The description states that you must earn a T1 Mastery Bade with any specialist.

When looking at which one to do it with, it seems that Rao is the best choice as you can earn points with every spot assist, and by using the LATV4 and the Soflam you can double up in a sense and push towards obtaining that T1 Mastery Badge.

5 Jack Of All Trades

We just talked about an achievement that is time-consuming and the 'Jack of all Trades' is in that category as well. This one has you earning a T1 Mastery Badge with any specific gadget or throwable. The most efficient method, it seems, is to find a way to spam throw smoke grenades to unlock its specific badge.

By choosing the specialist named Angel and switching your throwable to the smoke grenade, you can then drop loadout crates and spam throw the smoke grenades as often as possible. When everything is clicking and you're in the zone you should be able to throw around 12-15 smoke grenades every 60 seconds.

4 Gun Master

You should now understand the trend of the developers making the earning of T1 Mastery Badges a clear thing in Battlefield 2042. The 'Gun Master' achievement has you doing exactly that, but this time for a weapon.

You'll need to get 1,200 kills with a single Battlefield 2042 gun, and any other guns from other games won't work. The best close quarters mode in the game is Breakthrough which will constantly have you in the heat of battle. If this is a game you're playing every day then this achievement should come a lot quicker than you think.

3 Pack Rat

The 'Pack Rat' achievement requires you to extract in Hazard Zone, with 50 cumulative data drives. Fifty sounds like a lot, but understand that progress is counted based on any drives that are extracted by your team, so every drive a teammate extracts counts towards your total.

Like most difficult or annoying achievements this one is simply about committing to the task and seeing it through with patience. Learn to enjoy Hazard Zone and let the accumulation of the data drive extractions built up naturally if you don't want to stress yourself out about it.

2 Escape Artist

You must extract 25 times in the Hazard Zone mode to unlock the 'Escape Artist' achievement. Each match of Hazard Zone has two extractions and to complete one, you'll either need a communicative and well-run team or a good amount of luck and personal skill.

It's suggested to not have cross-play on since it invites cheaters. This mode is an endurance test as you'll simply need to gain experience in the mode and figure out which tactics work best for you in terms of successfully getting extracted.

1 Wheeled Warrior

The single hardest achievement to acquire in Battlefield 2042 has you earning a T1 Mastery Badge, but the difficulty in it lays in it being attached to vehicles.

When looking at which vehicles are best to try and unlock the 'Wheeled Warrior' achievement, the Hovercraft and LATV4 stand clearly above the rest thanks to them counting assists. The first three tiers can be run through via solo play and the Portal mode, but getting to the finish line will require grinding in Breakthrough by using proximity grenades on clusters of enemies then hopping in one of the recommended vehicles and you'll gain points for every assist that grenade comes down with.

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