Battlefield 2042 Season One Delayed Until The Summer

Battlefield 2042 has had a rough start to life. The newest installment in the series launched in November but has been plagued with issues ever since. People who were eager or maybe just willing to give Battlefield 2042 a chance have been leaving in their droves. So much so that its player count has dropped far below that of Battlefield 5 on Steam, and is even struggling to keep up with the numbers being posted by Battlefield 1.

Perhaps the biggest issue of all has been the almost radio silence from DICE on what exactly it is going to do to save the game. Almost three months later, the studio has finally issued a lengthy statement pertaining to that, and it isn't exactly good news. The biggest takeaway is the start of season one being pushed back significantly.

The game's first season was supposed to start next month, which is annoying enough considering the game will have been on the market for four months by that point. DICE has now revealed Battlefield 2042's first season won't be here until early summer, not giving a specific month, let alone an exact date. With its numbers continuing to dwindle, the biggest question now is how many people will still be around once season one arrives.

There's a chance the start of Battlefield 2042's first season brings a lot of players back, of course. Especially those who coughed up the extra cash for the Ultimate and Gold editions of the game. One of the biggest selling points of those more expensive editions was the Year 1 Pass, which now seems a little pointless. DICE has promised a free bundle to those who own those versions of Battlefield 2042 as part of the next update. Whether that makes up for the delays is up to those of you who paid the extra.

The rest of the update includes various pieces of information that arguably should have been a part of Battlefield 2042 when it launched, if not long before three months in. There's finally a scoreboard, in-game voice chat, and player profiles allowing you to get a better look at your stats. Improvements are coming, as are bigger and better things, but it remains to be seen if this is all too little, too late.

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