Astro’s Playroom Pays Homage To Iconic PlayStation Devs With In-Game Artifacts

It turns out that the PlayStation references in Astro’s Playroom run even deeper than you might think. Are you enough of a PlayStation buff to have noticed these subtle nods?

Those who are fortunate enough to have bagged themselves a PS5 — one that hasn’t spontaneously “died completely,” that is — have probably spent a good amount of time with Astro’s Playroom. It would be easy to dismiss the game as another cheap tech demo pack-in, but that would be doing the experience a major injustice.

As noted in our review of the title, it’s a refreshing, endlessly enjoyable platformer that truly shows what the PS5 and its DualSense controllers can do. No, you probably won’t be sinking hundreds of hours into it, but it’s quite a sizeable experience for those who love to explore secret paths and find every little collectible in 3D platformers.

The sheer joy of the Playroom manages to capture the hearts of all who give it a go. PlayStation fans, in particular, will delight in the many “cameos” from characters from across the series. One of Astro’s fellow inhabitants of this cute world masquerades as a Bloodborne hunter, for instance, whirling its Saw Cleaver menacingly, yet adorably.

All kinds of classic characters are referenced, including an appearance from Crash Bandicoot. Some of these Easter eggs are hard to miss, but others are truly hidden away. Still, people manage to discover just about everything given a little time.

As an eagle-eyed ResetEra user by the name of SomaXD spotted, the consoles that form the game’s collectible Artifacts hide an incredible little detail: their serial numbers namedrop iconic PlayStation developers! On the PlayStation 2 Network Adapter (as seen above), for instance, the serial number clearly reads SUG1-Y4M4, or “Sugiyama;” the PlayStation 3 Super Slim bears the serial number UCH-1D4, or “Uchida.”

Names of PlayStation/Sony veterans are hidden throughout the game in this way, just one more neat little touch that truly makes Astro’s Playroom a pleasure to experience. Long-time fans of the brand may get the most from it, but you don’t need to know PlayStation in-and-out to appreciate the fun this title has to offer. PS5 may have launched without a web browser, but it certainly has several great games to its name already — Astro’s Playroom no exception.

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